Juve, exams in Lisbon for Ronaldo: «Lesione di modesta entities»


TURIN – Ronaldo it's still a Lisbon. The attacker of the Juve who injured his right thigh yesterday with his national team, remained in the Portuguese capital. This morning he had breakfast at his Pestana hotel, in the Portuguese capital, with Georgina and uploaded a story on Instagram, which portrays him calm and smiling. Ronaldo seems calm, it was also yesterday when he said he would recover from the injury in a maximum of two weeks. At the end of the morning, after breakfast, he carried out the evaluations directly in Lisbon, according to the Juve medical team, to evaluate the extent of the accident. The physical tests, let's know the Juve, showed a small lesion in the flexors of the right thigh. Your conditions will be monitored in the next few hours with more checks. Ronaldo will be back in Turin tomorrow.


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