John Elkann: "Juventus reorganized with new leaders and CR7"


John Elkann:

John Elkann, in the context of the letter to Exor shareholders, reserved part of the speech to the teams managed by the Agnelli family holding: "The Juventus went through a great phase reorganization, characterized by the promotion of a new generation of leaders within it and, at the same time, by the purchase of the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo".

As for Ferrari, of which Elkann is also president: "On the sport front, the Scuderia Ferrari lived the year more of the last ten, although unfortunately it was not enough to win the championship. The founder Enzo Ferrari was very clear when he said: & # 39;nobody remembers who comes secondI certainly do not know. That thought will continue to set the standard for our sporting ambitions. "

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