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Movement is the basis for better aging. Word from Jill Cooper, personal trainer of the stars in his last book "The method of Jill Cooper. Young and fit forever », published by Sperling & Kupfer, has gathered all the research and practical tests carried out in recent years and has developed an effective method for doing something active against aging. And she, after all, is her best business card at the age of 50.

"Happiness is not being thin, but it maintains flexibility, mobility and physical and mental fluidity.

It is to understand how to retard biological decay at the cellular level, preserving the quality of the cells that act on the activity of the brain and muscles, " says Jill Cooper.

Sarcopenia is the loss of strength and muscle mass, one of the main factors that decreases the quality of life when we get older because it limits our movements and slows down our metabolism: "The metabolism occurs mainly in muscles, the less lean mass and the more slowly loaded bones the metabolism will be and always will be more difficult to eat without gaining weight, but the effects of sarcopenia can be delayed by training. " muscles react to hypertrophic stimuli at any age. The study showed that 80-year-old ex-athletes in calves had the same muscle strength as 40, so it's not true that muscle mass and shape depend only on age. Physical aging can be delayed through constant training. "

"It is scientifically proven that weight training is the most effective way to combat sarcopenia, especially for those over the age of 60. Among these exercises to stimulate muscles we should not only think about weights, but also exercises involving body as yoga that promotes flexibility and trx, which uses the instability of the body to strengthen muscles and joints.
20-year training: "At 20, you can do more ballistic things because you do not feel pain and take maximum muscle strength. My advice is to train more than you to live later. " The train: functional training and animal failure, a new American trend that combines capoeira and quadrupedia, yoga and pilates (it is the training followed by the actor Chris Hemsworth to interpret Thor).
From 30 to 40 years old: "In this age group we can focus on training that protects the joint, such as vertical aquatic for example, a functional training that occurs in water. Water, in fact, helps to massage tissues, elevates heart rate, reduces cellulite and protects joints ».
40-50 years old: «Ad Hoc Training is the Superjump: accelerates the metabolism that usually stops at age 40. While at the age of 50, yoga and pilates are good for light cardio activities, such as climbing on the treadmill, the elliptical and the trampoline.
For 60-70 years: "Walk 30 minutes a day because, as Dr. Maoshing Ni studied for more than twenty years, the ultra centenarians have one thing in common: everyone walked at least 30 minutes a day."

After having recommended using the trampoline in her book on cellulite, Jill Cooper developed one of her own: a cure for all the general health of the body exceeded 40, and most of all for the mood. People who practice regularly swear they have fun. After realizing that her clients were losing weight faster by jumping on the trampoline, Jill commissioned a study published in 2012 that showed a increased metabolism by 14% in comparison to ground exercises, a stimulation of the plantar reflex that favors lymphatic return on the vertical axis of the legs and body (essential to drain), preserving the joints because the gravitational stimuli are distributed throughout the body and burning fat mass . "The revolutionary aspect of this trampoline," says the fitness expert, "is that rebounds absorb and repel leg force, helping to jump, reducing fatigue and thus achieving better results." The trampoline increases aerobic capacity without that you feel tired and tired as in classic aerobics like running.


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