Istat, Italy in demographic recession – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – ROME, June 20 – The demographic recession that is
reaching Italy in 2015 seems "significant" and yes
is translating into "a real numerical decline of which we have
memory in the history of Italy only coming back to the distant biennium
1917-1918, a period marked by the Great War and successive
dramatic effects of the Spanish & # 39; ".
President of Istat, Gian Carlo Blangiardo, presenting the
Annual report. To find a comparable situation, it is necessary to
Come back about a century. "If until the last century
the demographic component showed signs of vitality and
often provided a boost to the country's growth
economic plan, today it could play, on the contrary, a
the braking effect, "added Blangiardo," a wonder
if we are (and still will be) a people that looks ahead and invests
in their future or if instead we should mainly feel destined to
to manage the present. "In short, the demographic question is there and
puts the country at a crossroads.