Is it true that fruits should be eaten away from meals?


Fruit diet after a meal

On the diet issue, there are erroneous beliefs that can also lead to negative consequences for the diet. Cheers. These are often clich├ęs that have been deprived of any scientific basis.

Precisely to make the right information in a very delicate area, what is Cheers, the Ministry presents in its site several sections dedicated to false myths and hoaxes. Obviously, we could not miss a section dedicated to food.

Should fruit be eaten away from meals?

About the fruit, is circulating the conviction that it would not be good to eat it at the end of a meal. This is because, according to some beliefs, it would give swelling and satiety and make it harder weight loss. In fact, the Ministry of Health specifies that some substances present in the fruit, such as fibers and oligosaccharides, may lead to slower passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract, as well as a buildup of gas due to fermentation processes.

However, the Ministry does specify that such phenomena occur primarily in those with a particular intestinal sensitivity. For example, those who suffer from ulcerative colitis, bloating or irritable bowel syndrome. Except for these particular situations, however, there is no contraindication in consuming the fruit after a meal.

Finish the meal with fruit can be beneficial. In particular, the sugars contained in the fruit they are released more slowly if they are consumed at the end of a meal than when they are eaten on an empty stomach. The acidity of the fruit and vitamin C facilitates the absorption of the iron contained in the vegetables. The antioxidant substances in this food protect food against oxidative damage. O sour taste of fruits finally it is important because it gives the body the signal that the meal is over.

Finally, numerous studies have shown that consumption of at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily is associated with a lower risk of developing serious diseases such as heart attack, hypertension and colon cancer. In short, it is a panacea that should never be missed at our table, especially at the end of a meal.


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