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Is eating raw cedar good? Here is the answer of medicine


Cedar is a citrus fruit widely used in cooking for various recipes and is widely used in Italy; in fact it is grown especially in the regions of Campania, Calabria and Sicily. There are two varieties of cedar and the most consumed in our country is the one known as Liscio di Diamante, with a very bitter taste. Precisely because of its taste, it is not eaten raw, but is eating well like that? Below you will find the answer to the question.

The nutritional properties of cedar

Cedar is an excellent ally for the well-being of our body as it is rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, minerals, sugars and glucose.

Eating raw cedar is very good for the body

Eating raw cedar is not good, but very good for our body and the reasons are many. First and foremost, raw foods contain 32 calories per 100 grams, unlike consumption in the form of candied fruit, where calories become 192 per 100 grams. The few calories contained in raw cedar make it a very good diet food.

Raw cedar also has digestive properties, in fact hinders the formation of abdominal gases and prevents stomach bloating, and thanks to the presence of vitamin C, it can disinfect the digestive system and is very useful in case of attacks of colitis.

All the benefits of eating raw cedar

The benefits listed above are just a small part of what raw cedar can bring to our body, good and healthy; In fact, it can be a good ally against cellulite, kidney disorders, and chronic cystitis, and some studies by recently become clear that it also stimulates hair growth.

Although its taste is not among the tastiest in the world, cedar should be consumed regularly because it has very powerful antioxidant and anticancer properties, thanks to the presence of flavonoids and vitamin C, it neutralizes water retention and slows aging. cells

Cedar can also be drunk as juice in a glass of water and thus helps clear the throat and the entire gastrointestinal tract. Drinking in the morning, cedar juice becomes a strong laxative and is recommended by doctors for constipation sufferers.

The benefits don't stop there, because raw cedar helps prevent tooth decay and the attack of bacteria that inflate the gums and, thanks to the mineral salts it contains, also serves to treat a mild headache.

Cedar Contraindications

We list all the benefits that eaten or drunk raw cedar can bring to our body. Now, we will list the few contraindications of this citrus fruit. It should not be consumed in large quantities as attacks of diarrhea and nausea may occur. The use of cedar is not absolutely recommended for sufferers of chronic gastritis and ulcers, while pregnant women should contact their doctor before consuming it.

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