Iran, Trump announced the restoration of US sanctions. "Released by eight countries, including Italy"


The administration of the American president Donald Trump announced all of its restoration sanctions UseIran which was withdrawnnuclear agreement in 2015from where they retreated. Eight countries However, they are granted derogations and are temporarily licensed hereafterimport of oil Tehran, said the head of US diplomacy, Mike Pompeo. Rumor is to be on the list Japan, South Korea, China, India and perhaps the Turkey. The Associated Press replied, referring to official US sources Italy you will enjoy the exemption. However, Pompey ruled out that aEurope continue to import Iranian raw materials. L & # 39;European Union he always opposed the US farewell to the 2015 agreement.

A total of 700 people or entities will be added blacklist American, then told the Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. He also said that Washington wants to exclude Iran's financial institutions from the international banking system fast. "There is no reason for it worry. We have to wait and see that the United States will not be able to take any action against the grandiose and brave Iranian nation. "This is what the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Minister replied, Bahram Qassemi, in a statement on TV IRIB having regard to the restoration of sanctions. In the case of Tehran, the United States aims to "psychological war". "The United States no longer seems capable of it under pressure Countries and companies, he said, we know treat and we are able to handle the economic issues of our country ".

From that point November 5 then resets the action second installment on sanctions against Iran, after 6 August. They bought it three months ago dollar the Iranian government, in trade gold or metals Valuable, significant transactions a Rial. In the search engine this time, especially the oil and the Central bank.

Restrictive measures against the Islamic Republic were abolished following an agreement signed by the United Nations on the Tehran nuclear program July 2015 the governments of Iran and the powers of the "5 + 1" group (USA, Russia, China, France, Great Britain and Germany). However, the agreement was rough criticized President Trump, who announced in May last yearexit the restoration of sanctions against the alliance and the ayatollahs.

the Ministry of Finance The US explains in detail the sectors that will be affected by the second tranche of sanctions. Finally, in Washington's search engine port operators, shipments and shipbuilding. In the memorandum a blacklist of theIRISL (Islamic Republic of Iran) or a Marina the country's merchant ship, the Iranian shipping line (SSLI) and its affiliates.

The second point on sanctions against Tehran is the most sensitive and is a cause for concern oil transactions the Nicoc, the Nioc and the National Subsidiary of the National Iranian Tanker Company (Nitc), the Naftiran Intertrade Company (Nico). The US government is targeting Iran's oil, petroleum products and products petrochemical. Sanctions will be imposed on transactions of any foreign financial institution with Iranian financial institutions designated by the Central Bank of Iran and the National Defense Licensing Act (NDAA).

The fourth paragraph of the memorandum deals with sanctions for the provision of services financial messaging special services for the Iranian Central Bank and other Iranian financial institutions. In addition, a insurance and risk taking. The last point a energy sector.

Also from 5 November, the US government withdraws the rights previously for US or foreign companies activity With the government of Iran. Additionally, Washington resets the sanctions onList Sdn (List of specially selected citizens and blocked people) removed the entry into force of the nuclear agreement in January 2016 and that they are actually coming back now out of the question from the international financial framework.


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