IPhone, the three problems that Apple can not solve


June 22, 2019 Being one of the most capitalized companies in the world and one of the most successful devices in history, it does not mean sleeping in peace. Apple's last year was not the best, especially from the point of view of iPhone sales, after so many years of growth. To admit that it was the same Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, who in an interview explained the reasons for the difficulties of the last period: the war of rights between China and the United States contracted the sales of the melafonino in Asia.

The Cupertino company is trying to find solutions to cushion this negative period by investing heavily in research and development. The iPhone 2019 will bring substantial innovations, especially in the photographic sector, but Apple is also investing heavily in services, hoping to find a chicken with golden eggs that can support the company's growth. It is no coincidence that in March the Cupertino company launched new services which will be released in the fall of 2019 and will serve to increase revenue. on here what are the three problems of the iPhone which Apple is trying to solve in the last period.

Stop the decline in iPhone sales

According to the most recent data published by IDC, a company specializing in market research, iPhone market share in Europe fell to 14.74% and during the first quarter of 2019, 22.73% of Apple's smartphones were sold less than in the same period of 2018. A fall due to several factors, including the slowdown of the economy in the Old Continent, but is an alarm bell for the company of Cupertino.

The same slowdown also occurred in the Asian market, especially in China. In this case, however, the fault is on the one hand the price of iPhoneOn the other hand, the war of duties assumed by President Trump against China. War that could have negative implications also for the production of the iPhones of the future, since most of the components are manufactured in China.

Launch new services

The iPhone still remains the most profitable device for Apple, and will be for a long time. The Cupertino company, however, is working to support the melafonino in service that they are the same profitable. It is no coincidence that in March they were Apple TV + and Apple Arcade released. The first is a streaming video service that challenges both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, while the latter is a video game platform that will have 100 unique titles at launch.

Apple expects to increase revenue through these two new services that will arrive by the end of 2019.

iPhone 5G, Apple Delays

Samsung and Huawei they are ready to launch the first devices with 5G routers, while Xiaomi and LG have already done so. Apple is lagging behind: the iPhone 2019 will not have a 5G modem and will probably have to wait until September 2020, giving its competitors many advantages.

The Cupertino company worked closely with Intel to build a 5G modem for the iPhone, but at the time the American company drew itself out of the super fast market of network routers. Apple could ask for help from Qualcomm, but relations between the two companies are not good. The alternative is to contact Huawei, but due to the commercial blockade demanded by President Trump, no American company can have relations with the Chinese company.


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