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Inter, the parole of Antonio Count on Agnelli and the southern market of genius

Antonio Conte you have your door to watch your part Parma: I want to sleep chiamati to check out the good moment for his success in the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund will have the European ambiance. “Dovremo fare molta attenzione perché sono in salute. Dovremo fare attenzione non lasciargli camp per le ripartenze, hanno giocatori letali ea GervinhoBut my Parma is a strong squad. Sarà un piacere affrontarli ”.

Unfortunate di Sanchez there is a costretto l'Inter a bloccare Esposito, in partenza per il Mondiale Under 17, and the rival the winter market: an investment in the offensive distribution is possible: “We have to find out how to attain the characteristic: Lukaku, Lautaro and Sanchez. We have seen the character of the Politano, because it is Esposito with the fifth joint. We were sereni on the matter, because it is fatto male Alexis is a damn notevole per noi. Now we took this rose and we saw the evolving situation of Sanchez. For the mercy is good for the value of society, surrounding the troubles and the solution ”.

The technician has decided not to replicate all of Frecciata's Andrea Agnelli, who giovedì senza will nominate him to parade his squalification per calciocommesse: “Dobbiamo essere bravi a non guardare gli altri. If I do my own dobbiamo guardare, I think sia giusto guardare chi ci sta davanti. The fact that this has to be done is that it must be completely dissappointed and must not be lost sight of it. We doubled the mass and walked ahead ”.

“I see a time for growing up and ragazzi. Siamo sulla strada buona, we went on and saw alla fine dove saremo capaci di arrivare. Alla fine non dovremo avere rimpianti ”.

Sulla crescita di Brozovic: “Lui può migliorare so much, sia nella verticalizzazione and nell'ultimo passaggio and anche un bel po'sulla diffensive phase. Pirlo? I have been talking about the reasoning of the ricordati forever, always for the genius. Brozo is caratteristiche diverse, but she is liking bene and is a positive scop ”.

The Situation in Difference: “The growth of this squad always passes by, so it always comes with a concetti and situazioni. From Vrij, eat it was BonucciDiventa a calciatore is not important. Per situazioni tattiche devono lasciare dello spazio o a lui o al vertice basso, per cui devono essere bravi a arrendersi incombenza di andare a cercare dei calciatori. I respond to the pass, but I always know that I am central to sleep and to the first of the gioco ”.

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