In this gym they “burn” all viruses like that



02/11/20 – 15:520

Photocatalytic filter devices in action in Fit Lab 2.0. The manager: “Everything is completely cleaned”.

LUGANO – The academies seek to accompany Covid-19, despite the rules imposed by the authorities regarding the mandatory mask even for those who train, or in the limit of people who must be present at the same time between the tools. Fit Lab 2.0 in Lugano went further. In fact, for a few weeks now, the Viale Castagnola academy has been focusing on total disinfection. To explain it is responsible Cristian Magno. «We sanitize all material with ozone. Not only. Thanks to the collaboration with the company Nano Hub, we use photocatalytic filter devices ».

In 30 minutes, the gym is disinfected from any impurities. «It is one of the few gyms in Switzerland to be equipped with this possibility. It is a model studied by the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. The air is completely sanitized. Our workouts, by the way, are super concentrated in 20 minutes. Thus, the client has the possibility to book and train with total security, without meeting many people. Our format in which we train intensively for 20 minutes is even more appreciated in this period ».


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