in the hospital a state-of-the-art osteoporosis machine


The Giglio Foundation of Cefal├╣ has for the first time been equipped with a latest generation of Moc (computerized bone mineralization) to evaluate the amount of calcium present in bones and to determine the possible appearance of osteoporosis. "We are expanding," said Giglio president Giovanni Albano, "to offer citizens services with new exams and a new clinic dedicated to menopausal women." The machine, installed inside the operating unit for diagnostic imaging, allows the determination of bone densitometry through the study of lumbar spine and femurs. And also to determine the risk of fractures within 10 years.

"It's a quick examination," explained Antonella La Fata, head of ff. diagnostic imaging – lasting for a few minutes, with low dose of radiation, non-invasive and does not require specific preparation. " The patient is forced to lie down on the bed of the machine, while a mobile arm acquires low dose radiographic projections. The equipment allows the execution of the examination even in obese patients up to 204 kilos. "This research is indicated – added La Fata – in women who have problems with osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency, that appear in menopause, for patients with prolonged cortisone therapy, men over 70 years and women 65 years and older "It is also recommended to perform the Moc before starting a treatment for osteoporosis or to evaluate the effectiveness of fractures after 50 and for adults of any age when there are previous fractures due to bone fragility. of a therapy. "

The examination can be booked with both the national health service and the free professional system at an equivalent cost. Finally, the clinic for pre or post menopausal women is managed by gynecologist Lucia Raimondi and a complete evaluation is performed with a visit, transvaginal ultrasonography and pap smear test.


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