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"I'm marrying a well-known woman." Caterina Balivo reacts like this

Eva Robins One Come to me: "I'm about to marry a well known woman». Caterina Balivo reacts like this. The well-known transsexual actress, an icon of the 1990s, was a guest in Rai's room, where she spoke with an open heart. From adolescence, when he discovered his own sexuality, to the present day. But it is with love that the actress makes an important revelation.

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Here are the words of Eva Robins: «I'm there to get married. With whom? Unfortunately … he is not a man. I have always had a predisposition for the feminine nature, but not at the carnal level. With this woman we have loved each other for 25 years, who knows». Caterina Balivo is surprised and asks her partner's name: «The name? Better not, in Bologna is well known, I would like to protect you. Let's see when we're ready».

The actress – born Roberto Coatti – also spoke about when she discovered her sexuality: «I understood in adolescence. I was lucky to have a neighboring nurse who ran the hormone department at the hospital. At 14, I injected these hormones to prevent male growth. My mother knew nothing, she is the man who didn't do that. It was hard, I only saw twice in a skirt, it gave me a hard time. It was the first black sheep in the family. My father was mischievous, one woman was never enough for him. I met some of your women». And he concludes: «My dad always kept calling me Roberto».

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