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I have mobile launches new portfolio that I have. 6.99, ho. 8.99 and I have 12.99 with 50 Giga – | Telephony | offers


I., a mobile operator and controlled by Vodafone through the company VEI, updated its portfolio of rechargeable offer today, April 29, 2019. The new offers arrive I. 8.99 and I. 12.99 as expected, but the supply remains I. 6.99 with a new version can be enabled for those who come from certain specific virtual operators.

The new default rate I. 12.99 is automatically renewed every month and provides for unlimited minutes for all national numbers, unlimited text messages for all national numbers and 50 Gig of internet traffic (up to 30 Mbps in download and 30 Mbps in upload in the network Vodafone 4G) one 12.99 euros per month. There are different activation costs if you come from Vodafone.

The standard offer of "I have cell phoneIncreases in 1 euro per month Besides that for new activations as of April 29, 2019. Customers I. which enabled previous offers I. 9.99 euros and I. 11.99 euros they will not be modified.

New clients I. coming from PosteMobile Full, CoopVoce, Digitel, Fastweb, Fastweb Full, Foll-In, Green Telecommunications, Lycamobile, NT Mobile, Mobile NV, Optima Mobile, NoiTel, Plottron, Rabone Mobile Nôverca, PosteMobile ESP, Rabona, Tiscali, UnoMobile and Welcome Italy you can activate the standard discount offer to 6,99 euros per month instead of 12.99 euros per month.

Instead, new customers I. that activate a new number or comes from iliad, Kena Mobile, Daily Telecom Mobil and Digi Mobil you can activate the standard discount offer to 8.99 euros per month instead of 12.99 euros per month.

Mobile operator special offers are subject to sudden marketing changes and can not be activated by everyone. To discover all the news in real time, you can join the MondoMobileWeb Telegram channel for free to stay informed about the world of mobile telephony.

In the countries of the European Union in Roaming with all the offers that can be activated from April 29, 2019 (except for possible changes) they can be used unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and up to 4.8 Giga monthly for the whole year 2019 in accordance with the EU Regulation Roam Like at Home 2016/2286.

The included GIGS cost 1 KB in advance and are valid for 2G, 3G and 4G data traffic up to 30 Mbps in the download.

If the customer completes the Giga included in the offer, navigation stops. You can decide to restart your offer by anticipating renewal. The offer will always have a monthly date, so the renewal date will also be updated. Example: the offer expires on March 17, will have to be renewed on April 17, May 17 and so on … If the customer has. decides to use the service "Riparti"(Available directly from the official operator application) The expiration date will be updated Example: The customer restarts his offer on March 3, the new expiration date will be April 3, May 3, and so on.

The offer is renewed with a fee on the remaining credit, but in case of insufficient credit, the balance will be negative. In this case, you need to recharge to return the positive credit. The offer will therefore be valid as soon as the remaining credit returns positive and the customer will not lose any day. If the credit is already negative, no other renewal will be charged, there will be no extra costs and navigation will be blocked.

I have cell phone

Immobile is a virtual operator, launched on June 22, 2018 and managed by the company VEI, a 100% controlled telecommunications company Vodafone. The operator uses the Vodafone network and the network technology used is GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA and LTE.

You can use the network 4G in Vodafone, but for all the offers activated from August 1, 2018 there is a speed limitation navigation to 30 Mbps in download and 30 Mbps in upload. It should be noted that ho-mobile does not use VoLTE technology.

The access point to navigate is Alternatively, you can use the APN whether there should be issues navigating the hotspot with your smartphone or tablet.

All offers I. they can be activated online with free home delivery and video call activation, by online booking with collection and payment on the benches or by the entrance of one of the 3,000 outlets. authorized. Also, you can bring your number to the ho. at any time with the application.

The complement is available in the official virtual operator's application, on the official website and in all shops, tobacconists, betting shops and bars connected to the Lottomatica Italia Servizi network, at the authorized SisalPay points of sale and at the network stands. Distribution M-Dis activated.

In all virtual operator offerings included, at no additional cost, the following additional services: SMS ho. called, access point navigation, 42121 for remaining credit, call waiting, and call forwarding.

O digital services for a fee, such as horoscopes, ring tones, and text messages are blocked. In addition, paid numbers 199, 144, 166, and 899 are disabled by default, but they can still be activated by the carrier's official application. There is no answering machine available and no MMS can be sent.

the ofert I. 12.99 for all this provides for a cost of activation of 29 euros discounted at 9 euros for new activations and for customers of TIM, Wind, Tre, Poste Mobile, FastWeb Full, Iliad, BT Enia, BT Italia, Bladna Mobile, CoopVoce, Daily Telecom, Digi Mobil, Digitel, Erg Mobile, Foll-in, Green Telecom, Mobile, Ringo Mobile, Tiscali, 1Mobile, Welcome Italia, FastWeb ESP (Pré 2016) and PosteMobile ESP (Pre 2014).

For other operators, the cost of activation of the offer is 29 euros, also in case of new activation with portability at a later time. In this case, the 20 euros will be lost and charged to the remaining credit. So, if you come from Vodafone, the client I. You'll have to pay 20 euros more. There is no charge for existing customers, you only pay the first month in advance of the offer.

Discounted Operator Attack Deals I. 6,99 euros and 8,99 euros provide an activation fee of 9 euros. The minimum cost to support a SIM that I have. The cell phone is 0.99 euros.

With regard to the online booking (here is the direct link) the new customer pays the first month in advance (12.99 euros or 8.99 euros or 6.99 euros) and the cost of activation of the offer which also includes the cost of the new sim (9.99 euros).

For those who can book online one of the two discounted deals that I have. 6.99 and ho. 8.99 portability must be carried out within 15 days from the SIM activation, otherwise the customer will lose the discount and the offer will be renewed at 12.99 euros per month.

For online reservations SIM can be sent directly to your home or in some contracted banks and later withdrawn by the client, which can perform portability at a later time using the official application available for iOS and Android by entering all necessary data, including the source number, the SIM serial number and the contract type with the originating operator. In case of purchase at points of sale and corners I. portability is performed immediately.

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