Here's what Dijsselbloem really said


It's becoming a real political case the video published by Pandora tv and spread on the social networks of the 5 Star Europe Movement Facebook page, which summarizes the content of interview from the US network CNBC to the former president Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem completely distorted them, to invent statements that did not exist in the original interview. "# m5S, a movement of counterfeiters", comments chirp the president of the senators Pd Andrea Marcucci, joining the chorus of controversy raised by the opposition parties.

"When advertising has no limits and lack of respect of institutions as well. "" Official Social Media Pages M5s they spread false statements manipulation interview to Dijsselbloemex chief Eurogroup – states in a station in Fb Ettore Rosato, vice president of the Board of Pd – ". Dijsselbloem He says that in this situation "there will be a role for the markets" because, as we know, Italy has important refinancing needs even in 2019. The crisis Greece It presented the strong risk of infecting the rest of the euro area and created a lot of tension around the euro area and its banking system. If we talk about implosion, I have to explain what it means: there may be an explosion economy Italian as a result of government projects? it may be, but the fact that he says it is more important than the fact that I say it.

In the interview original, the former president of the Eurogroup he said that Italian sovereign debt "is mostly in the hands of Italian investors, Italian pension funds and Italian banks. " has pros and cons. "It's very worrying," he replies. Dijsselbloem – it will be a conflict and I think that the European Commission has no choice but to accept the conflict ".

And again: "The only way out is that Italy understands all this, Italian consumers and voters understand this, and then the correction will begin to arrive, if all goes well, on the inside."

The distance of the words from Dijsselbloem of the apocalyptic scenarios evoked by 5 star movement triggers the Pd reaction: "They interview, manipulate, and tell the interviewee the opposite of what he actually said".

According to the pentastellata page, in particular, interview would be "the umpteenth confirmation that the financial establishment is against the people." "The news was taken from Zerohedge, no Italian news reported his statements. "

Instead, the speaker of the video relaunched by M5s reports that Dijsselbloem openly calls on markets to launch an attack on Italian finances, orchestrate damage to Italian titles and thus scale the interest on debt.

CLARIFICATION – Then, the clarification of the press office and communication of the M5S in Brussels, where it is specified that the video was taken from the platform "Pandora tv"Everyone remembers Dijsselbloem because he accused the countries of southern Europe – including Italy – of spending all the money on alcohol and women.


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