Here is the tax offensive An avalanche of controls in the 730 statements


They take i controls in the declarations of 730 models. The Inland Revenue, as Italy Oggi recalled, triggered a series of cross-checks on what was declared and on the data held by the tax authorities. The Revenue databases, therefore, will be crossed with the statements to identify any deviations. In these cases, the Verification Agency checks. The deviation can be found by analyzing the data on the payment models, those reported in the unique certifications and the declarations of the previous year. All anomalies will leave room for a request for clarification from the tax authorities.

Revenue at this stage has launched a compliance campaign accompanying the automatic checks that ask for a refund of more than 4 thousand euros. Taxpayers who are directed to Revenue may be reimbursed late. In fact, in such cases, supply could begin the following year. Meanwhile, it should be remembered that today the deadlines for sending the pre-filled declaration with any corrections for the already submitted models expire. The deadline for sending the new 730 is on July 23. In short, the tax return of millions of Italians is now passed to "radiographs" by the Revenue Agency. And from the tax authorities an avalanche of letters and communications is coming, which will signal macroeconomic deviations.


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