Here is the new look of Android Auto, it will arrive in the summer (photos and videos)


Matteo Bottin

Very little is missing in Google I / O this year, but Google has already started to provide some information on news which will be displayed. Today we talked about Android Auto and its new graphics.

The new chart focuses on possibility of "doing everything with less tap", automating certain behaviors and positioning elements differently on the screen.

first It will be faster to hit the road.: the car, once on, will resume playing your media and automatically display the navigation already set. As new navigation bar You can see the curves and check your apps on the same screen.

O notification center has been redesigned: now shows recent calls, messages and alarms. O dark theme, so as to "fit better" with the interior of the cars.

Google opens Android Automotive for third-party developers and encourages them to create multimedia applications

All this It will arrive in summer., then you will still have to be patient. For now you can watch the video or the gallery, which you can find below. Do you like it?

Source: Google


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