here is the elimination of the fourth episode of the talent show of Maria De Filippi


Friends 18

Fourth round of talent show Maria De Filippi

The fourth installment of the Night of friends 18 opened with the entrance in the studio of Maria De Filippi who brought all the students of both teams (White and Blue). Immediately afterwards he realized the usual interview with obligation and truth for the two artistic directors: Ricky Martin and Vittorio Grigolo. Let's see all the races, the performance of the guest of honor or the Roman artist Renato Zero that he took some pebbles from his shoes with Bertè and then the bet eliminated. (Continue after photo)

Friends 2019: the first race races

Loredana Bertè proposed the Alberto to revisit a part of Fabri Fibra's rap, I was thinking of you. While a Mameli gave him the opportunity to express himself But the sky is always bluer than Rino Gaetano without Autotune. The blue team won with 82%. The jury proposed a comparison of dance between Vincenzo and Rafael and the challenge was won by the Blue team.

Third prohibitive test for singers and dancers who have not had the help of vocal coaches and teachers. The choice fell on Alvis and Alberto. So it was Umberto's turn against Vincenzo. The white dancer danced a choreographic choreography of Burlesque. The Blu dancer, on the other hand, took a step closer to a partner. Last test of the first game. Knob of Giordana and Tish in the versatility and won the Blue, Martin decided to bet on Umberto and the mission was fulfilled. Umberto saved 90% of preferences. At risk of elimination Mameli, Alvis, Giordana. The second left.

Friends 18: the second race and eliminated

The second race started with the try Tim with artistic director. Alberto he sang with Grigolo on Caruso's notes. RafaelInstead, he danced Mordidita by Ricky Martin. The blues triumphed. Giordana presented his unpublished work, I believed in you. Valentinainstead he danced the Moulin Rouge with Lady Marmalade. Battle between Mameli, Giordana it's blue Alberto, Tish about the greatest successes of Raf and Umberto Tozzi present in the studio.

Rafael tried to kiss Kissing in two steps. Alberto he sang a piece written by Giordana. MameliInstead, he presented his own unpublished work, Limonare. The Blues also won the second round. Ricky Martin bet again Umberto but stopped at 94%. Maria De Filippi delivered all members of the white team red sweatshirt. Then it was the turn of Pio and Amedeo.

Then the internal tournament between Giordana and Rafael began. Save the dancer. It belongs to Giordana again with Reginella against The Mask of Zorro di Umberto. Save the singer. Umberto challenged Mameli and the former passed. The final comparison was between Mameli and Alvis. Leici Amici 18 was the last.


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