here is the craziest cost in recent months (photo)


Unieuroone crazy crazy cost officially arrives in the region of Sicily, for once also Unieuro He decides to locate his pamphlets in order to launch a promotional campaign not available throughout the country, but exclusively in a part of it.

O Unieuro Brochure called SottoCosto certainly presents excellent opportunities to save and buy, only sin that is limited to Sicily and, above all, with actions that are difficult to achieve (unless you go to the store as soon as possible, here for other discounts ).

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Unieuro Flyer: saving is easy with sub-cost

Unlike classic promotional campaigns, at least once Unieuro decided to follow the economic trend of the Italian population, concentrating heavily on medium / low devices and therefore prices that are anything but expensive (the most expensive is the Galaxy A9 for 399 euros). If you are looking for a smartphone between 129 and I 189 euros, then know that the flyer concerned is certainly your case.

Likewise, in the event that you wish to purchase a tablet high end, know that Unieuro decided to discount Galaxy Tab S4, Galaxy Tab, iPad Pro, iPad and other very interesting models.

The promotional campaign, as specified above, is valid exclusively in the region of Sicily. For this reason, we recommend that you check the last page to find the addresses of the stores where it is actually active. Below, instead, for all pages.


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