here is the blow that drains the current accounts


diamond scam

The Milan Public Prosecutor's Office ordered the preventive seizure of EUR 700 million to five banks and two diamond resellers, which have become the protagonists of a huge fraud against investors.

This is what happened to the news such as "the diamond blow", And this caused a sensation due to the serious involvement of banking institutions of the caliber of Unicredit, Intesa Sanpaolo, Banco Bpm, Monte dei Paschi and Banca Aletti.

These companies allowed two diamond reselling IDB it's the dpi, to make huge profits from selling diamonds at inflated prices, with the promise to customers of a annual yield above 3-4%, therefore, superior to any title of State.

From legality to fraud

If the banks in question initially only needed show advertising material in their own agencies, so as to allow users to explore and discover about this possibility of winning, then they have become the first-person actresses of the sales process, convince your customers invest even if you know you are showing percentages and numbers completely wrong and misleading.

In addition to the direct gains for the two companies, there was also substantial revenue for the banking companies involved, since, once the deed of sale was stipulated, it was necessary to accompany it. insurance not active and any other Warranty essential for the acquisition.

At the hearing of Monday, April 8 bankruptcy proceedings will take place for the IDB (while the EPP is already bankrupt), after which it will be necessary to choose between continuing through civil or criminal proceedings. At the same time, we will begin discussing how to move compensate cheated investors, thanks to the sums previously confiscated by the banks.


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