here are the risks to Samsung's customers, Huawei and Honor


Since the first born phones, many consumers are afraid of radiation electromagnetic which question; already, because many think it is a serious danger for humans. But is it really? Are all technological devices killing us? The questions are many, but also scientific studies that during all those years, many scientists led; despite the numerous studies carried out by several scientists around the world and the results that have not confirmed the danger of smartphones, many consumers are still convinced otherwise.

Dangerous Smartphones for the Human Body: Here's the Truth

Over the years, scientists have conducted numerous analyzes to understand whether a single smartphone is actually dangerous to humans; the results did not lead the scientists to a certain conclusion. For this reason, the electromagnetic waves they labeled them in 2011 as "possible carcinogens", that is, all those agents that could cause harm to the human body; however, it should be emphasized that they did not classify them as "certain carcinogens."

However, the smaller use of the smartphone could only benefit; consumers, they should have only a few common sense during everyday life:

  • For example, do not use if not necessary;
  • Use the speakerphone during a call to avoid bringing it closer to the ear and, consequently, to the head;
  • Send a message instead of making a phone call;
  • Do not store the smartphone in the inner pockets of the jackets, thus avoiding to keep it close to vital organs.

As you can see, small gestures can make a difference.


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