"He wanted to leave from the first moment"


The anger of Sergio Pellissier in the photo posted on Instagram

The anger of Sergio Pellissier in the photo posted on Instagram

Chievo are going through an extremely complicated time: last place in the standings with zero points. Yesterday, after the 2-2 win against Bologna, Ventura's dismissal request came after 3 losses and a draw. A decision that would infuriate management and players. He certainly did not send them to say Captain Sergio Pellissier, who entrusted his anger to a long post on the Instagram: "In this photo there is all the anger I have right now. A heavy summer with the problem of capital gains, a forget and say that there is no end to the worst of the resignation of a coach that from the first moment he arrived, he wanted to get in. Crazy !!! In 22 seasons as a professional I thought I saw everything but I am forced to admit that there is always something new. "

attack on fortune
"However, in Chievo," wrote Pellissier, "we are accustomed to be always in difficulty and we will go out into the face of all those who are now having fun behind us.You can not get something in life without fighting there would taste no, let's start over from scratch and this time we will be even stronger Those who love this team can not abandon it just because things are bad, not what you do, do not like Ventura, you win and lose together being in a team, never give up until the end. "


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