Saturday , October 23 2021

Government, two-hour summit Conte-Di Maio-Salvini. The leader of the M5s: "The priority now is to reduce taxes"


They met at supper time: this had not happened weeks ago. The electoral campaign, the vote for the Europeans and the climate of regulation of the post-electoral accounts remained distant Giuseppe Conte, Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini. But after the ultimatum of the prime minister, immediately followed by the two delegates' assurances to advance, the three finally returned to sit at the same table. A summit to revive the government action called for the Palazzo Chigi for dinner time and late in about half an hour due to the return of the leader of the M5 of Geneva. Two hours at the table. Then, a few minutes before midnight, Di Maio and Salvini went down to the Palazzo Chigi: before picking up their respective cars, they greeted each other with a handshake. So they entertained journalists. "At the summit there is a positive climate for those who want to work to the fullest in Italy. priority at this time is to reduce taxes and we're going to work for it, "said Di Maio, who also said:" Everything is good at the top, the government continues, I've never had any doubts. to avoid violation guaranteeing growth, the right to to work it's the tax cut. He will not be there. without corrective measures and without raising taxes".

But it was not just talk of taxes at the top of the government. At the top of the list of topics to be addressed, of course, the negotiation with Europe to avoid the violation. In the afternoon Conte saw the EPP for the chairman of the commission, Manfred Weber, reiterating that he wants a leading role for Italy. But it is in an interview with or Corriere della Sera that the prime minister anticipated the tones that would have maintained with the two leaders. For Conte, it is necessary to "pay attention" to the challenge Brusselsbecause if the offense "is really open, it will harm Italy". It is not so much and just a matter of fine, the main reasons such as the years of checks and checks that will result, with the result of compromising our sovereignty in the economic field, without considering that the economies of the Italians could be put at risk. Conte's message is clear and very close to the Quirinale's will. For this reason, the prime minister reiterated: there should be no interference – as the Minibot – negotiations with Europe. "I must be able to lead together with the Minister of Economy, Giovanni Tria, negotiation without dystonia and cacophony, "he says. Also because, he recalls, in Europe the forces now in the government of the country are not majority.

Words that the two ruling parties do not like. If of the M5s, as I said on Sunday Alessandro Di Battista, remember this "we live in a parliamentary republic", Salvini reiterates that he is" in government if I can help the Italians. If you think that you are in government to take a long time or grow a zero point, it is not what the Italians need. "And in Europe" we do not want to conflict with anyone ", but" our strength in Europe is that we give much and receive little. We do not need to ask money from others, we ask to be able to help our people. We have put forward an idea which is in the contract and has been adopted unanimously in Parliament's Budget Committee. If there are other ideas, I'm happy. I tell people that there are inside and outside: I am interested in achieving the goal. " tax reform and above all the flat tax. That in Europe, however, they have no intention of seeing financed by another deficit. In the fixed rate there is no ostracism on the part of the M5s, but with one condition: that the table minimum wage.

"Tonight I expect a yes about the minimum wageI expect one yes about tax reform and to the cutting of parliamentary privileges, "Di Maio said one day." It's a good time to confront even the commissioner whom Italy will try to conquer in the EU. based on the combination of several criteria, starting with the geographical one, and the prime minister, as has been the case with the maneuver, has every intention of conducting the negotiations in person.In parallel to the "internal" summit, in fact, Conte's contacts with European political and government representatives on course for appointments to top European posts and the European Council on June 20 and 21. After seeing Weber in the evening the prime minister heard the first- Croatian minister by telephone. Andrej Plenkovic, which tomorrow will be among other things at the EPP meeting in San Sebastian. Tomorrow morning, a phone call is scheduled between Conte and the Prime Minister of Latvia. Krisjanis Karins. Both Plenkovic and Karins were present at the "six" dinner held in Brussels on 7 June between the leaders of the social democrats, of EPP it's fromAlde.

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