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Google Maps, the street view that surprised you … Google itself


Since when Google launched the service maps it's the street viewWe saw all the colors in the world. With non-edifying gestures facing the Google car, even obscene acts in public places (including some betrayals discovered just by sailing), going through many other unthinkable events (a sudden birth on the street, prostitutes looking for clients, or convincing physiological needs). However, so far, Google he had never admitted to being particularly impressed by passersby's reactions.

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The same social media managers as Googlesu chirp, was particularly impressed by one particular farm. We are in Victoria, in Canada: As seen in the video posted by the official account of Google MapsIn fact, as you zoom in and navigate a street overlooking the street, you can notice something very strange.

& # 39; Traveling & # 39; on Liberty Drive at 1293 you can see a very strange detail: a man, sitting at a table by the road, has a peeled banana in hand but most of all horse mask. And this is not just one way, but one of Knight Bojack, cartoon very popular in recent years and loved by young people. As if that were not enough, behind him, behind a gate, you can also see another person dressed as a monkey (although in this case recognizing the costume is much more complicated).

Users of chirphowever, be aware that they were not as impressed as the account managers at Google Maps: "It was probably a masquerade party, and anyway, it gets worse on the street view." In the comments, in fact, another very unusual image also appears: a dog intent on having sex with a pig. Street view …

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