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Exhilaration of Fiorentina. Ansa

Exhilaration of Fiorentina. Ansa

A perfect ad for the Italian Cup, often scorned and forgotten. Merit of two teams in the form: 10 points in the last 6 of the league, to Atalanta two k.o. in a line, but in the background remains a detail: the defeat with Taurus was daughter of turnover. And Fiorentina becomes the protagonist of more 3-3, after three days ago against Inter in the championship. Two companies that do not love each other, from old disputes, from the market and do not. It is logical that the first half-final between Fiorentina and Atalanta will end, with a concentration of goals (6), emotions (many), even excitement for the memory of Astori, and then play, run, crazy rhythm, mistakes.

atalanta, start of sprint
Gasperini's band is a better part, drawn by Ilicic, who did not leave much regret in these parts and Papu, who was not on Sunday because of problems with the flexors. And it is precisely them, the small and the tall, that make the difference. Poli imagined and saved was a conservative choice: on the left, Dabo waited for Gomez a little further from the area and Vitor Hugo followed Ilicic to the midfield. Very high. The clever Josip asked no more: dribbling, firing, stopping, changing positions, and the poor Brazilian following him in distress. Result: the Viola for an abundant half hour can not build and gets crushed, also because De Roon good at holding Gerson (and the same with Edemilson later). The Atalanta cos mestra of the field: could already pass to the 9?, But Lafont good to reject with an open hand a shot of Ilicic, incited by De Roon. The goal came however soon after: still Ilicic to Gomez, who enters the area and beats Lafont, who tries a desperate exit. Two minutes later (18 & # 39;), the doubling: the stunned Vitor Hugo loses the ball, taking advantage of the usual Ilicic who makes a pitch that cuts the field: Pasalic places on the right wing.

purple return
The match should close early. But Atalanta does not stop, and makes the first mistake: you have the advantage of two goals, and you do not calm down? Minute 33: Palomino loses a bloody ball on the right, Chiesa takes advantage and starts on the counterattack, while the Brazilian chases him unnecessarily imagining what he combined: shot and goal. Match reopened just as Atalanta was controlling the game. And three minutes later, the scores are tied: Pasalic is lost Muriel who supports Benassi, left only by Palomino: turn right and 2-2. Unbelievable.


infinite match
The second half a copy of the first, although the rhythm lower, and could not be otherwise. Pioli changes the Ilicic's mark, entrusting it to Ceccherini and not to Vitor Hugo anymore. Then try Edimilson for the disappointing Gerson. At 7 & 8; Benassi has a great opportunity in the Atalanta area, but he fights with his legs and wastes everything. But another Fiorentina: soon after, Vitor Hugo tries to compensate this with an interesting test from outside. But this wonderful game is fun to deny certainties. Minute 13, De Roon catches a ball from outside the area, has in front of Church, aim and starts a great right around. Lafont flies but can not help you. For Viola, it is not a small blow: he struggles to recover, to reorganize himself. There is a shot through Biraghi, 28 & # 39;, which leaves to the left of Berisha. Which then, with excellent choice of time, leaves standing in Muriel.

Game over? But please: Muriel has just won the Colombian challenge with Zapata and signs 3-3 at the launch of the church on the right. And again: De Roon tries again from outside, but the ball comes out. Gasperini also chooses caution: outside of Zapata, inside Reca. But the Church has another interesting opportunity. At 92?, Then the Atalanta to play the incredible 4-3 with Hateboer that head shakes the cross and the legs of the purple people. In two months return, but on Sunday there is another challenge in Bergamo and the championship. Can you be more fun than that? Difficult.

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