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Gemini, Scorpio, Aries the signs in the tent


Your facts, horoscope ranking analysis Paolo Fox November 14

STOP SIGNS – Thanks tohoroscope by Paolo Fox In I Fatti Vostri we analyze the signals of three stars. Aries: complicated condition. We always want to be winners and small losses are not allowed. Tidying up is not necessary. There is a period when all that is superfluous must be closed. Jupiter and Saturn from December will be conditioned. Something wrong can be set aside without suffering. Gemini: one is a little nervous. This week started in a special way because of tensions. Accumulation of these can lead to physical discomfort. Now we have to wait for the big news that also concerns the sign of fish. From December, Jupiter will no longer be contrary. Scorpion: In the look of the sign one never understands what is hidden. There are two types of Scorpio, which are those who live on the first floor and feed on earthly experiences and those who instead go into the attic and thus make the need to understand things high. Capricorn: Jupiter and Saturn in December sign are really a great exclusive. This is a sky that existed in 1960 and is therefore a moment of strength and very rare over time. (added by Matteo Fantozzi)

FLOP SIGNS – Let's start with the two-star signs of Paolo Fox's horoscope in I Fatti Vostri. Sagittarius: for a few hours there is this fall, when you go down, come back immediately. The signal is often at the top thanks to your determination. The desire for adventure should never be dormant, because there is an inexhaustible source of knowledge. If you are not curious about what happens in the world, you are sick. This is similar to that of Gemini, which is the opposite. We need to reflect on the life we ​​are living. Venus and Jupiter in the sign, but today this opposite moon can generate some conflict. Fish: you are worried about the crooked moon, you live a carousel up and down now. Often there are ambiguous attitudes, one happy day and the other not, when there is no enthusiasm nearby, it must be protective. Beware of friendships that can lead to rudeness. (added by Matteo Fantozzi)

Work, what are today's predictions?

Now we turn the page to the field of work, always having as reference thehoroscope by Paolo Fox. Improve the profession for those born under the sign of Lion where it will be appropriate to close one path and open another. Often the Lb he works in society and there is an agreement with people to carry out a project because there is a need for confrontation. Like when there is an idea and when you see something that interests you. Libra invented sharing years ago and is therefore prepared to work in groups with people who may have to teach or follow very carefully. However, we should not exaggerate, because the risk is facing situations that are not as favorable as we would like.

Love, what day will it be according to the horoscope?

Thanks tohoroscope by Paolo Fox Let's take a look at the field of love. The Aries they are very nervous and Mars says that everything born in September seems precarious. Even the most beautiful love stories of this time seem precarious. You can see yourself less, and when you are very mobile, when alone, you prefer intimacy. When the Bull A story ends, but it may take years to see it from a different perspective; You may not come back together, but you want to see her and know what happened to her. We need to consider people as references. In love with Gemini It is best to observe caution and attention up to 26. If something is wrong, it is better to talk about it later this month. The Lb He should not settle for passionate adventures, sometimes waiting can lead to excellent answers.

Pisces, Capricorn and Leo are the main signs of the horoscope.

Let's take a look at the plates at the top of thehoroscope by Paolo Fox. The Lion He does not realize that he is very demanding. Sometimes people are really afraid of the signal, perhaps because they are very clear or straightforward. When a story ends, there may be psychological motivations. The Fish they will receive satisfaction, a prelude to a beautiful period and stars who now want to do their best. We should enjoy this moment by trying to be pragmatic and ready to find the strength to act and treat ourselves with beautiful emotions. Be careful not to want too much, because you run the risk of getting too little. The Capricorn It has so much positive energy, it means building, it is not just thinking, but acting.

Horoscope Thursday November 14

L"Paolo Fox Horoscope, Also today, November 14, returns to the spotlight of LatteMiele microphones. The well-known astrologer keeps the usual column Milk and Stars on the radio station. Let's look closely at what was said signal by signal. Aries He experiences a moment of great physical strength that he must exploit for important growth. The signal also increases Bull who should have the courage to pursue what they no longer need. Perhaps it is the case of managing everything with greater balance, avoiding having to face things with energy deficit. The Gemini they have the moon in the sign and this can help to find serenity especially in the field of love. In fact, feelings are ready to fly if you can embrace them in the right way. So be careful to do many things and you may not focus on the most important things. Click here to learn about Paolo Fox's horoscope for weeks 10 and 15 November.

Paolo Fox, the predictions for Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

Now let's look at thehoroscope by Paolo Fox in detail from Lion, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. The Lion on this day he can revive an understanding and surely, by the end of the month, with a little goodwill, a friendship will become a love. Love is important for the sign you often think of passing without it. This is an important moment. The virgin be careful even tonight in uncertain situations. With regard to feelings, uncertain situations should be avoided. Love has some doubts and we must be careful. If there is distance, it will be recovered at the end of the month, if there is a crisis, we should really understand things. The Lb needs protection. This feeling of the couple also concerns love and work. The Scorpion You have an important situation for contacts and feelings. From the 26th and 28th, a useful season begins, we begin to think positively about the future. Scorpios who think only of revenge and revenge are not happy. When the mind is agitated, care must be taken.

Paul Fox Horoscope, predictions for Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Second stage ofhoroscope by Paolo Fox Let's focus on Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The Sagittarius To live the day with the opposite moon, you have to live the day in the presence of an intolerance to personal relationships. A friend or partner may make you angry. These days there is a great desire to break free and also to break the chains. You can get everything very calmly. When you live a love, it seems the best of those you have lived, except that you think again immediately. The Capricorn be careful and give the right people room and attention, if you have any relationship with Aquarius or Sagittarius, there may be controversy. the aquarium It has a great looking moon and is important for those who took a break between Monday and Tuesday. A week full of obstacles and most today are looking for a solution to a problem that involves fines or bills. Pay attention to deadlines because you have your head in the air. The Fish they must be positive and close which is not interesting. Sometimes, in precariousness, is appreciated, more passionate. Pay attention to the use of cash and credit cards. Today and tomorrow they require prudence in costs.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer What does today's horoscope predict?

We concluded thehoroscope by Paolo Fox with Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Aries today is stronger physically, there is a desire to close situations and other paths that are no longer valid. Travel and contacts are favored. The Bull You are in a growth situation and this growth will be important if you have the courage to throw away something that is no longer needed. Taurus is a conservative. It turns out that everyone has a hold of useless things that may one day serve. This way of thinking also about life and friendship. With Uranus since March, however, something must be thrown away to make room for something new. The Gemini they can find moon-loving serenity in the sign. However, there is a certain desire to make jokes that were once forgotten because he was really worried. If there is a person who has tried to stop by the end of the month, they will not be able to do so. December and January are months of redemption. The cancer he is agitated because he does not feel in the spotlight. Even if you are doing something cool, it seems that no one is aware of it or you had to close an unmanaged work situation as you would like. We always tend to blame others. Lately, dust has increased, putting others in a state of stress. Attention to words.


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