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Gash on the Ryanair air wing, emergency landing – Puglia

On the Frankfurt-Bari flight. Passenger: Movie landing & # 39;

(ANSA) – BARI, 30TH GEN – The Ryanair flight departed last night from Frankfurt just before 7:00 p.m. and bound for Bari, where it should have arrived around 9:00 p.m., had to make an emergency landing at the German airport due to a cut in the wing. The passengers were expelled and then aboard another plane of the Irish company, were taken to Bari with a delay of about three hours.

"It was a movie landing," says ANSA Carlo Galise, who was aboard the plane – but fortunately the pilot was good, nothing happened. "We took off – remember – and after 30-40 minutes we noticed some oddities: we realized that we were walking at the same point and flying at low altitude. So – he continues – we saw the receptionist coming out of the cockpit upset to tell us that we had to put the seat belts and objects on the ledges because an emergency landing would have been done, but without explaining why. "Panic was created.



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