Gabriel Garko pinched in the spa with a man, smiling and happy: the unpublished photos


The actor speaks in an interview about his alleged homosexuality

Gabriel Garko and Gabriele Rossi at the spa

Without a doubt Gabriel Garko and Gabriele Rossi they spend a lot of time together. The two actors, in fact, have forged a strong friendship, although many are convinced that there is a sentimental relationship between them. Weeks ago, for example, on the web, the news of a possible marriage had spread, since both have faith in the finger checked today for tomorrow.

After the holidays in the mountains with the ex Eva Grimaldi and his future wife Imma Battaglia, the Turin artist and the ex-Gieffino, were given a weekend in the spa. Specifically, they went to Saturnia in Tuscany. Garko and Rossi were pinched by gossip magazine who while relaxing in one of the outdoor pools. (Continue after photo)

The weekend between Garko and Rossi

As reported in the newspaper by Alfonso Signorini, in the famous thermal baths Garko and Rossi they allowed themselves a little relaxation, but also confidences and long conversations between two loved ones. Then they realized walks, including one night in the village of Montemerano. The two actors revealed directly through their profiles Instagram.

Gabriel Garko met the former Big Brother Vip 2 contestant for 10 years on the script set very often Honor and respect. But only in the last three years the friendship has become increasingly strong, so much so that the two artists also spent the holidays together. (Continue after photo)

The great friendship between Gabriel and Gabriel

The love affair with the Sicilian colleague Adua Del Vesco is closed Gabriel Garko said he had changed. The 46-year-old Piedmontese actor has found inner peace, as he said in a recent interview.

"Close to me I chose to have only two types of people: those with whom I feel good and I share everything and those whose benefit is for use and consumption,"

the man said.


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