Ftse Mib: the decline is not over. Attractive stocks for a purchase


Below is an interview with Angelo Ciavarella, Head of Global Markets and Adjunct Professor of Financial Markets Theory and Practice at Greenwich University, to which we asked some questions about the Ftse Mib index and some blue chips.

At yesterday's session, sales dominated the scene on major global stock exchanges, thanks to Trump's statements about China's tariffs. What impact do you expect in the short term on the stock markets?

With Trump it's always difficult to make predictions because it's a bit of a loose cannon. Among the markets that suffered the coup yesterday, we find German, because the Dax companies are very exposed to the Asian economy and, in particular, China.

If the duties threatened by Trump are effectively applied, the economy that will pay more than the others will be the German.

This is certainly a somewhat problematic situation for Germany, above all because it is simply a spectator and not an arbiter, inevitably paying the consequences.

The Dax30 hit yesterday at a low near 12,130 points, from which it rebounded well without avoiding a red lock. Below the lows of yesterday, the German index will find another important support in the area of ​​12,000 to 11,850.

This could be the target of the decline that I do not think has already ended: there is now a little more volatility in the stock markets, considering that it has been objectively reduced to a minimum.


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