Monday , October 18 2021

Friends 2019, what does Rudy Zerbi have in mind? The challenge trap for Giordana and Alberto


Rudy Zerbi's challenge for Giordana Angi and Alberto Urso for Amici 2019

O next episode of Amici 2019 will be very rich in clashes, given what is happening these days. in time of day of today for example, we saw Rudy Zerbi launch a challenge both a Giordana Angi both in Tish be ad Alberto Urso. Things you've seen, you may be saying to yourself, and you're not really wrong: the point is that this time, without one knowing the other, the singing master wanted to compare Giordana and Alberto, not Giordana and Tish; music, however, is quite difficult for both, since it is blue of the Eiffel 65.

Giordana's reaction to music asked by Rudy: strong words fly

Giordana did not respond well to Rudy's request, considering the music inappropriate to play the final: "I'll pass by arrogantly but I do not care – these are the words of singer Bianchi –; It's like asking me to do an opera. But above all, to show what? To make a fool of himself? For a semifinal is very crazy! I'm going home for a bit! But how do I do this? Can I play the semi-final with this piece? He wants to send me home, but it will not be that easy ". Giordana's tones became even more controversial when he discovered that instead of Tish Rudy he asked to prepare shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper: "All – these are the teacher's words in the play – I know him very well, he must be even more exciting than he already is ". "Ridiculous – commented Giordana –makes you laugh! What do you expect? What am I doing in blue? If he understood a little as I am, do you think I go there and sing? He did not understand anything!.

Friends of 2019, Rudy compares Alberto and Giordana in a difficult piece for both

What surprised us most – as we have said – is that the same piece was proposed to Alberto and to the opera singer, instead of complaining, Angi He accepted the challenge and immediately began to think about how to do the piece and, above all, how to interpret it with some cool steps of dance: "I should also dance a little – he told his friends – and I have to figure out how to do it! I'm thinking how to do ". The impression we have is that Rudy wanted to compare the two boys and demonstrate how Giordana is controversial and how much Alberto, although far more distant from it than this type of music, accepts everything that is asked of him. Saturday we will see some good!

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