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Fortnite, La Fine also created problems at Epic Games Store

The conclusion of Fortnite Season 10 also seems to have left the Epic Games Store out of tune. The company is working to restore it.

The large participation at the end of Season 10 in Fortnite also had repercussions on the functioning of theEpic Games Storeas well as su Twitch is at PSN. The exact cause is not yet certain, but it is definitely reasonable to think that the problems are due to the large number of connections: we are talking about millions of users, numbers registered in the last hours.

"We are aware that some users are unable to access the Epic Games launcher and are working to restore normal service": so the editor wrote tonight in chirp. Epic Games He also suggested skipping the login screen for users who want to play titles for which a server connection is not required.

Massive participation in the event, as we said a short while ago, also created problems for Twitch is at PSNwhere a few minutes after the start of the event Fortnite streaming and various online services were no longer available. Anyway, luckily the situation seems to be getting back to normal.

For those who did not know what we are talking about, the Italian's final event was held today at 20:00 Season 10 in Fortnitewhere the entire game map of the title has been sucked into a black hole. To make things even more intriguing is the fact that, for the moment, it is still unclear what will happen soon with the famous battle royale.

What do you think of this news, have you observed this event yourself or are you the poor victim of all the disservice caused?

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