former Gieffino criticizes Neapolitan presenter


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Barbara D & # 39; Bear

Alberto Mezzetti confesses to the magazine spy

As you all know Alberto Mezzetti is the winner of the 15th edition of the Grande Fratello Nip, the one transmitted in 2018 and Barbara D & # 39; Bear. After a brief initial interlude and five in the afternoon, Tarzan from GF practically disappeared from the television and now decided to vent.

At the moment, the young man is in Brazil because he was a guest in the house of the Brazilian Reality Show. Interviewed by the gossip magazine spy, Mezzetti revealed that thanks to his arrival the program had an increase in the audience, whereas before it was difficult to take off.

"Endemol got in touch with me explaining that they wanted me as a guest in Brazil for a week." The program was not going very well, and when I arrived, the party started bombing again. to have a larger audience, "

said the ex-Gieffino. In addition, the latter had a hard explosion towards Barbara D & # 39; Bear. Let's see what he has stated against the latter.

Alberto Mezzetti vs. Barbara D & G

Alberto Mezzetti for Spy confessed that since he made the Big Brother in Brazil, has more job applications than in our country. Apparently, in Italy, it has already been forgotten by all television broadcasts.

"Now I have more offers than in Italy I was fainted and I do not know why This does not help Mediaset because I am a beloved and satisfied character In Italy I do not consider myself, despite having won the last edition of Big Brother with 1 million and 850 thousand votes, "

said Mezzetti. The last one is Barbara D & # 39; Bear they started a friendship and professional relationship. The boy was invited to a certain extent, then nothing. Here is his explosion against Lady Cologno:

"After the Gf, I went to visit him seven times, so maybe I did not seem more interesting to her, I do not know why, and I do not even wonder, she has every right not to invite me, but from a professional point of view she was not a good entrepreneur. "

Barbara D & # 39; Urso, Alberto Mezzetti


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