Ford Mustang: becomes electric with the official Ford tuning license | video


O Mustang it's always the Mustang, even if it's electric. They are convinced of this at Ford, currently working on a zero emission crossover inspired by the visual of the iconic American Pony Car. But even the world of coaches believes that the electric transformation of such significant cars can generate a strong interest, especially among collectors.

This is the case Automotive Billing, an English-based company based in London, focused on the development of high-performance luxury vehicles in collaboration with Williams F1, McLaren and Jaguar Land Rover. A company with a great passion for vintage cars, which here are transformed into electric vehicles without losing a little of its iconic design.

One of Charge Automotive's most interesting projects is definitely you, the Electric Mustang. Based on the first generation of stars and stripes Muscle Car (year 1967), this car was born from a tuning operation with official Ford license, who took care to ensure that the overall aesthetic was faithful to that of the original model.

To change – for the better – are the interior and driving dynamics, accomplices new high quality materials and of course, the zero emission powertrain. A battery of 64 kWh capacity, rechargeable in direct current to a maximum power of 50 kW, allows the electric Mustang to travel until 320 km with a recharge, while the transmission unit of 350 kW (475 hp) and 1,200 Nm push the car from 0 to 100 km / h in just under 4 seconds.

There are not many details about the intelligent four-wheel drive system AiWD: what's right – you can see in the video below – is that customers who buy this car can smoke wheels safely drift, thanks to the possibility of choosing the rear wheel drive with the Burnout.

Also from the video we learned that this electrified Mustang will be equipped with a large Tesla style touchscreen in the center of the panel and a digital instrumentation with decidedly modern graphics. The price of all this engineering and design effort? £ 300,000, equivalent to approx. 336,000 euros at the current exchange rate, with deliveries from September 2019.

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