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for sale and Joy-Con ispirati game controller for GameCube

Between Nintendo festivals and the 15 million million Switch Sale in the USA, I developed the Sades launched in the South Market and Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch with the design of a GameCube controller, and a pad for the home of Kyoto.

The società specializzata in accessori for the PC gaming decides così to try the road of the console betraying the spine form factor più iconici and riconoscibili the settler question, ossia quello the controller of the GameCube.

Dal layout i gave tasti alla grilletti form, fine ad arrivare all'ergonomia and alla disposizione degli analogici, and due Joy-Con personalization of SADES emulano l'experience user donita pad of GameCube per offrire "infinite ore of comfortable gameplay".

Nell'immagine the trovate in shoes all'articolo potete admire in the dettaglio il design and disposition of the pulsanti I gave Joy-Con wireless the GCN theme. By the way of Nintendo Switch: Sapevate the recent acquirer of Switch Lite has replayed a console with tasti sbagliati? On the page of will provide an approachable briefing for a joyful design of the Joy-With Switch, with the layout of this past, the weather, the use of a D-Pad, the pulsating aggiuntivi and a scocca con dimensioni più generose.

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