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Fognini-Pospisil 6-7 (5), 5-4, Canadian will be used to stay in 2nd set – OA Sport


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Good first in the middle of Fognini and 5-4 in his favor in the 2nd set. Now the Canadian will serve to stay in partial.

40-15 The tape deflects Fognini's forehand.

40-0 Fognini's wonderful reverse in Pospisil's attack.

30-0 Long response with Pospisil forehand.

15-0 Great straight at Fognini's cross on the right.

Ace in the center of Pospisil and 4-4 in the 2nd set. Now there is the crucial moment of the partial. Fognini in batting.

40-15 Fognini is out again and two balls 4-4 in the 2nd set.

30-15 Pospisil Slice Service and Fognini Response Online.

15-15 Direct to the network by Fabio, who wastes a great chance on prolonged exchange.

0-15 Double lack of Pospisil.

A Fognini zero maintains the service and goes to 4-3 in the second set. Now it will be the Canadian, who won the first partial, to go and serve. There were no interruptions in the second fraction.

Fabio central ace, 40-0.

30-0 Fognini's acceleration with the front line was excellent.

15-0 Apart from Pospisil's answer.

3-3 in the second set, backhand on the net by Fognini and another negative game. Liguria goes to work.

40-0 Fognini's response is long in the center of Pospisil.

30-0 Another mistake by Fabio, who also suffers in the back in this second set.

15-0 Inverted back to the net by Fognini, a little lazy in this case with his feet.

Ace of Fabio, who, with less worries, keeps the job and spends 3-2 in the second set. The Canadian will now go to the beat.

40-15 Great depth with the reverse to Fognini and the Pospisil line.

30-0 Excellent first in the center of Fognini and nothing to do with Pospisil's backhand.

15-0 Good first in the Ligurian slice and in the net the shot from Pospisil.

2-2 in the second set, Pospisil Body Service and Fognini Nonsense Response. The blue will do.

40-30 Does not stop Fognini response in the first slice of Pospisil.

30-30 Double foul by Canadian.

30-15 Another new feature in the center of Pospisil that continues to hammer.

15-15 Great move on the Pospisil net and nothing to do.

0-15 Excellent short ball from Fognini, which surprises Pospisil.

He resolves with a serve and volley Fognini and leads 2-1 in the 2nd set, but not without suffering. Pospisil will do.

Fognini slice service that puts Pospisil into problems and advantages.

40-40 Pospisil Passer in a network game not very well played by blue.

Vantaggio Fognini, still heavy on the Ligurian forehand and another ball for 2-1 in the 2nd set.

40-40 Fognini double foul.

Vantaggio Fognini, straight from the Canadian, but he always seems to have the initiative.

40-40 Straight on the Pospisil network, which however seems to have a different speed in exchange.

Pospisil advantage, Fognini cannot control the Canadian's forehand.

40-40 Great Pospisil back, which is also rising from below.

Advantage Fognini, a bit long the Canadian backhand response.

40-40 Pospisil's short ball again with a Fognini far behind.

40-30 Excellent first in the middle of Fognini and 2-1 ball in the 2nd set.

30-30 Good attack with Fognini's anomalous forehand.

15-30 Loses control with the reverse Fognini.

15-15 Fognini crosses straight.

15-0 Out of the Canadian straight line Pospisil crossing that always forces.

Excellent game in the Pospisil network, on the line, and 1-1 in the second set. Fognini to serve.

40-30 Pospisil Service cuts and does not affect Fognini well with the forehand.

30-30 Fognini's other aggressive forehand on the right side of Pospisil's field.

30-15 Excellent attack with Fognini's forehand and late Canadian.

30-0 Powerful straight from the Canadian and out of Fognini's defensive response.

15-0 Smash played excellently for Pospisil in a good first in the center.

1-0 for Fognini, who started well in the 2nd set, now Pospisil will serve.

40-15 Pospisil straight cross that always tries to please.

30-15 Along Pospisil line at prolonged exchange.

15-15 Short ball excellently played by the Canadian, also because Fognini plays far behind.

15-0 Pospisil's forehand is stopped by the tape.

Fognini opens the second set for the service.

Back to the net by Fognini and first set given to Pospisil 7-6 (5). Really so many regrets for Liguria.

5-6 Off the Pospisil straight, but now the Canadian can close the first set with the service. Notice!

4-6 Pospisil's excellent reverse cross that surprises Fognini and two set-points for him.

4-5 Beautiful this time, Fognini's forehand response threw in the wrong Pospisil net. The blue will now do.

3-5 Answer Fognini's answer in a second not impossible from Canada …

3-4 Good first in the center of Fognini, but the Canadian is ahead and will have two services.

2-4 Fognini plays very short and Pospisil takes advantage by sinking the blows and finding a new mini-break.

2-3 Recover the Fognini mini range with a good direct response. But now Liguria must get absolutely two points for the service.

1-3 Another setback on the network by Fognini, which is currently experiencing issues.

1-2 Mini advantage break for Pospisil, wrong wrong of Liguria.

1-1 First to Fognini's body and it's Canadian mistake.

0-1 Very deep Pospisil crossover and excellent mesh closure. Fognini at the service.

Completely wrong setback on the Canadian side and so let's go to the tie-break.

Magnificent line 40-15 straight from Liguria and two 6-6 balls.

30-15 Very well ahead of Fognini.

15-15 Consecutive Response on the Pospisil Line.

15-0 It was Pospisil's attack, which as always strives in exchange.

Thus, Pospisil is saved by canceling three breakpoints and marking success. 6-5 for him in the 1st set and Fognini will serve to remain in the partial.

Pospisil advantage, deep Canadian attack and nothing to do with Fabio.

40-40 Fognini's great response with the frontline forehand on the second Pospisil.

Pospisil advantage that still finds an excellent first place in the middle.

40-40 NOOO! Bad Fognini error with the inverse in Pospisil's second.

30-40 Another first center and nothing to do with Fognini.

15-40 outside Ace of Pospisil.

0-40 DOUBLE IT! The network betrays the Canadian and three break opportunities for Fognini.

0-30 Still in the long shift, the reverse hangs Pospisil.

0-15 Along the Pospisil straight line that still exceeds with this blow.

Amazing Fognini with a waving forehand and 5-5 in the first set. Now the Canadian will serve.

40-30 Very good Fognini to reach the net and with a balance ball brings home the point.

30-30 Response in line with Pospisil's forehead.

30-15 Still long straight for Pospisil, who tries to get rid of the exchange.

15-15 Fognini's forehand ends due to a bad luck tape.

15-0 The wrong backhand Pospisil is still in exchange.

Pospisil deep right, who keeps the service and goes to 5-4 in the 1st set. Blue will be used to be partial.

Pospisil 40-30 slices service and Fognini crossing directly.

30-30 Still hits the direct Pospisil in Fognini's deep attack.

30-15 Ace Central from Pospisil.

15-15 Wide Pospisil cross line that does not absorb prolonged exchange.

15-0 Pospisil watches the net well, despite Fognini's excellent pass.

He keeps Fabio on the line, excellent backhand play and Pospisil leaves the net. 4-4 in the 1st set and Pospisil will do.

40-0 Once again, Pospisil sends the sequence.

Ace 30-0 in the center of Fognini.

15-0 Another straightforward Pospisil error that does not match the size of the kick.

The other side of Pospisil disappears and there is the counterattack! Canada are ahead 4-3 in the first set, but Fognini can pay the bill with the service.

30-40 Rischia Pospisil in the second, finding the line and finding Fognini's answer.

15-40 Fognini's spectacular backhand shines brightly. Two counterattack balls.

15-30 Out of Fognini's direct cross that is very offside in this exchange.

0-30 Straight still in the Pospisil network in a weightless Fognini response.

0-15 Bravo Fognini in close range and with the backhand finds the corner well.

Long and straight attack from Pospisil and 4-2 to the Canadian in this first set he will serve.

40-15 Fourth double Fognini foul, which is really doing many.

40-0 Great counterattack from Fognini and nothing to do with Pospisil.

30-0 Pospisil net backhand, who is fighting for the bottom.

15-0 Direct on the network in response to Pospisil.

Pospisil's great success, which holds the service and raises the score to 4-1 in this first set. Fognini will do.

Network advantage, excellent move on Pospisil network and Fognini passerby just outside.

40-40 Fabio's aggressive response to the backhand and Pospisil doesn't find the right ball.

Ace 40-30 out of Pospisil and 4-1 ball to Canada in this first set.

30-30 Another gift from Pospisil that shoots his forehead.

30-15 Out of Fognini's reverse reverse loop.

15-15 Remove Pospisil completely, which exaggerates.

15-0 Another good first of the Canadian service and pass straight on the net.

Get away from Fognini and the break reaches fifteen. 3-1 to Pospisil, the Canadian to serve.

15-40 Another double foul from Fognini, which is hurriedly thrown. Ball break for Pospisil.

15-30 Fognini's second double foul.

15-15 Good first of Fognini external service and off the Pospisil straight.

0-15 Pospisil response very well resolved.

Excellent service to Pospisil's body on the back of Fognini. Canada lead 2-1 in this 1st set, Fognini will serve.

40-15 Bravo Fabio to attack Pospisil with the second and short high quality ball.

40-0 ace lineup for Pospisil, with an indescribable trajectory.

30-0 Still ace for Pospisil, who finds the outside line

Pospisil central ace 15-0.

Great game in the service of Fognini, slice service and nothing to do with Pospisil, who serves again.

40-15 Double foul for Fognini, who also forces the second.

40-0 Very deep straight from Fognini and about straight from Pospisil.

30-0 Backhand for Pospisil, who tries to take risks with the Canadian to shorten trade.

15-0 Excellent first Fognini center and straight on the net for the Canadian.

Pospisil very responsive in Fognini's direct response and 1-0 to Canada in this first set. Fognini at the service.

40-30 Wonderful reverse of Fognini's longline.

40-15 First Pospisil power plant and not finding the right impact Fabio.

30-15 Service to Pospisil's body, nothing to do with Fabio.

15-15 Overdo it with Pospisil crossed to the right and the Canadian's gift.

15-0 Direct service to the Canadian, good first point for him.

16.22: In the Pospisil service.

16.20: Players have finished the warm-up phase and it soon begins.

16.18: It will not be easy, as mentioned, for blue, as the fast surface could smile to Pospisil: a very skilled player in the service.

16.14: Fognini and Pospisil play for the warm-up phase.

16.11: Exciting, as always listening to Mameli's Anthem.

16.08: It's time for hymns.

16.06: Teams are aligned after the usual introductions.

16.03: These are special moments, Fognini will have to offer a performance worthy of the name. The Ligurian is expected to recover from his physical problems.

16.00: A revolution of this 2019 edition, with the azzurri who want to be ready.

15.58: Soon we will be playing for this 2019 Davis Cup edition.

15.55: Fognini will have to pay attention to the slice of rival that, especially from the right, can make a difference

15.53: You play on a fast surface and Fognini needs to be good at moving, absorbing Pospisil's offensive game.

15.51: At the ongoing Manolo Santana, the opening ceremony and tension increase for Italy's premiere.

15.49: The calculation of the previous ones is at 1-1 between the two, but Fognini must have something more in terms of tennis repertoire.

3:47 pm: Fognini has a great chance against a non-impossible player. Auger-Aliassime out due to ankle problems.

3:45 pm: Fognini will debut on the first date with Pospisil. There will be no Pospisil. Berrettini opposed Shapovalov.

15.43: The national team led by Corrado Barazzutti will feature Matteo Berrettini and Fabio Fognini in the singles, while it is clear what the duo's composition will be, which will also depend on the available physical resources. However, Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolelli are ready to step in, not forgetting Lorenzo Sonego.

15.41: Players are entering Caja Magica in Madrid.

3:40 pm: Bel Paese was included in the same group of Canadians, precisely and from the United States, and the goal is to win a record of entering the quarterfinals without having to reach an agreement and be part of the best second.

15.38: In the fast-moving interior of Madrid, the Azzurri make their debut in the new format competition that has caused so much discussion.

15.35: Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Canada, a valid Group F match for the Davis Cup tennis finals.

Davis Cup Program (November 18) – Davis Cup Presentation (November 18)

Hello and welcome back to Italy-Canada LIVE LIVE, Davis Cup Tennis Finals Group F match. In Madrid's swift interior, Azzurri will make its debut in the new format competition that has caused so much discussion. Bel Paese has been included in the same group of Canadians, to be precise, and from the United States, and the goal is to win the quarter-final record without having to come to terms with the second-best ranks.

The national team led by Corrado Barazzutti will feature Matteo Berrettini and Fabio Fognini, in the singular, while it is necessary to clarify what will be the composition of the double, which will also depend on the available physical resources. However, Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolelli they are ready to come into play without forgetting Lorenzo Sonego. On the other side of the net, you will have to deal with a very young Canada, taking the lefties into account Denis Shapovalov (class of # 99) and of Felix Auger-Aliassime (class 2000). They are two very dangerous tennis players, because they have a great talent, which was noticed during the season. Perplexities may occur against Auger-Aliassime, due to some physical problems that prevented him from participating in the last tournaments of the year.

A Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Canada, valid match for Group F any Davis Cup Finals Tennis: Real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 16h00 (Photo: LaPresse).

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