Wednesday , October 20 2021

Final Fantasy VIII: How it was and how it is in the Remastered


Rumors of the runner-up were confirmed: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered has become official and, twenty years after its debut, the adventure of Squall and his companions will return with updated graphics (but it's not a remake, be careful, ed) on the PC and console.

After the first trailer, we also offer images that bring the original game side by side and how the same sequences appear in remastering.

In addition, we propose below a rich gallery showing the protagonists, of Squall with the intention of carrying Renzokuken for the sniper of Irvine, passing through Rinoa, Zell, Selphie and Professor Quistis.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will debut in 2019 on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We are now waiting for a more accurate release date of Square Enix, which completes the return of the great classics of the time in three dimensions Final fantasy.

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