Fe rejects the love of Mauritius


This Monday, November 19 begins a new week with the Spanish novel & # 39;The secretWho pays attention to the character of Faith at the center of a love affair [VIDEO]. The previews of the episodes shown on Channel 5 by Friday, November 23, reveal that there will be many changes.

From Juliet, who will end up in prison after being accused of the murder of Dom ignacio. Consuelo's grandson is happy about his visit to her friend, especially since her colleagues in the village organized a collection to get her out of prison.

The donation of the residents of Puente Viejo allows the brother of Prudencio hire a lawyer who can find a way to exonerate the partner.

This is Reneses, who accepts the job after being told how the events occurred to put into practice an appropriate defensive strategy.

Meanwhile, Carmelo has a meeting with Severus who advises to apologize to Irene, because in recent times he would have misbehaved against the journalist.

Alfonso disappointed by Emilia

Alfonso (Fernando Coronado), on the other hand, tries to conquer Emily but he can not, because every attempt is useless, in part because Raimundo's daughter (Ramon Ibarra) has been proved by the prison experience in which he suffered physical violence. The Castaneda is so offended by the woman's behavior that she decides to remove the problem and leave the town of Puente Viejo.

Miranar's cousins ​​do not stop after the failure of their projects, instead, preparing to create an album of stickers on the dell & emporio family. Mauricio (Mario Zorrilla), on the other hand, receives a telegram containing news about the disappearance of his wife Nazaria.

The lawyer, however, finds a way to get house arrest for Juliet (Claudia Galan), but it takes a lot of money to pay the deposit: Prudencio offers his help, but the woman is determined to reject the proposal.

Raimundo receives news from Montenegro

Raimundo, after having been anxious for many days without receiving news about Montenegro, had an envelope, while Matias shows concern for his father Alfonso, who is willing to leave his homeland. [VIDEO].

Mauricio, in turn, intends not to renounce the love of Faith but the woman proves to be resistant to starting a story with the master builder because he is married to Nazaria and there is a risk that his wife may return.


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