FCA is preparing for the revolution: the Fiat 500 is almost ready


The announcement came to the feast for the hundredth anniversary of the assembly of metalworkers of Turin, which took place today at the National Automobile Museum in Turin. The city of Savoy, according to the president of Amma Giorgio MarsiajCan be "the first step to make Turin the center of a plan for the electric car". Not forgetting the leadership role it currently autonomous driving in our country:

Speaking of autonomous driving, it was Elkann himself who recalled that the Italian-American group is also working in this sector | FCA joins BMW, Intel and Mobileye for standalone driving:

We are working on a platform focused on road assistance assistance systems, whose first application will be in cars of the Maserati brand. The next 20 years are crucial to redesigning the automotive sector, it's a great opportunity for Fca and supply chain companies.


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