Facebook becomes "more private" and changes graphics. All the news also for WhatsApp and Instagram


Today, more than 5,000 developers, creators and entrepreneurs from around the world have teamed up to Conference F8 about all the technological developments of Facebook platforms. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, opened the two days with a lecture giving space to news coming on their platforms that will become increasingly "private" giving space to people so they can express themselves freely and feel connected to the most important people and communities. The creator of Blue Social therefore expressed this fundamental fundamental change after the accusations and the various losses of sensitive data of the users in the course. in recent months.

Facebook loses blue and is graphically renewed (and not only)

"There are tens of millions of active groups on Facebook.When people find the right way, they often make it the most significant part of using Facebook.And today, more than 400 million people on Facebook belong to a group that is important for them. " Zuckerberg explained "This is why we are developing a new design for Facebook that is simpler and more focused on communities. We are also introducing new tools to help users discover and interact with groups of people who share the same interests."

The most visible change is undoubtedly the design. Here is that Facebook decides to redo the face to give a sign of change that is not only interior but also aesthetic. Here is that from today in the US, and in the coming weeks also in the rest of the world, the layout of Facebook will change leaving the typical blue band of the social network born in 2004 and that has always accompanied us in the various graphical changes of the applications. Facebook to change and now it will be clearer, in the true sense of the word, but also simpler, faster, immersive and putting communities at the center.Everything will be easier to find and get with the most commonly used functions.

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From the first images we see how the novelty will be the presence of a new group sheet located in the middle line of the menu bar. Here you can access a real custom feed, where all the updates in the group will be displayed. The news will also cover the desire to meet new friends (the function will be called "Meet new friends") and will allow users to connect with strangers who have the same interests. Other news for events who will have a special card placed near the Groups and that will allow you to see all the upcoming events on the map.

Messenger becomes fast and stories appear in WhatsApp

Messenger changes and the application will become faster, but also easier to use and also lighter to be used anywhere without problems. According to the developers, it will be up to two times faster and seven times easier than now, but not only because there will also be the possibility of secret conversations and end-to-end encryption.

There will also be updates to Whatsapp, that taking "points" from Instagram will introduce some kind of stories. What really will change in the most used messaging system is on purchases. Here, through the messaging application, you can create product catalogs and even activate and receive payments.

Instagram: from today you can make & # 39; purchases & # 39;

Talking about in-app purchases here too Instagram will change its appearance. But let's not talk about graphics as on Facebook Functionality assets LE stories on Instagram are all the rage and the developers will give more space for the profiles that want to sell their products. Here is the application that will turn into a sales channel with the ability to insert the sticker in the stories to donate money to a charity project or even buy products included in a company or private post.

In short, Facebook, but also Instagram and WhatsApp, want to change. Every application resource advertised today has a willingness to help people discover their communities, deepen their connections, find new opportunities and simply have fun.


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