Wednesday , April 21 2021

F3, MACAO ACCIDENT: SOPHIA FLOERSCH FLY IN TRIBUNA / Video in shock, the pilot is aware after the accident

The news on the terrible incident in Macau Who saw the protagonist? Sophia Floersch on F3. But the latest one tells us that the pilot remained conscious as reported by Launch of the FIA. Add up, as this will still be subject to further evaluation at the hospital to carefully evaluate a situation that remains under monitoring. In addition, two pilots, two photographers and a marshal were added as helpers. The FIA ​​specifies how it is expected in the next few hours more information to evaluate the conditions of both the Floersch and those affected by the terrible impact. The hope is that all the people involved can leave this episode without serious consequences, but perhaps only and exclusively with some complications solvable in a short time. If the video of the accident is concerned, one immediately understands how the situation could lead to decidedly tragic consequences. (by Matteo Fantozzi)


unbelievable incident occurred in the circuit of Macao, during the final test of the Formula 3 World Championship 2018. The young German pilot Sophia Floersch he literally flew into the bleachers, falling off the track. The incident occurred early in the fourth round of the race after being temporarily interrupted by an accident. The 17-year-old Teutonic, the only woman at the start of the Macau toboggan run, followed the lead trio, read Dan Ticktum, Sacha Fenestraz and Joel Eriksson, and for reasons still to come, he took off near the Lisbon curve. very slowly, where the cars line up: Sophia hit a very high speed, and her car, perhaps climbing on an opponent's tires, flew to the stands. Immediately after the incident, picked up by some fans and posted on YouTube (click here for the video), the direction of the race interrupted the race again, exposing the red flags.


The physical conditions of the German driver are still unclear, much less if any commissioners or spectators present in the stands were involved as the car flew out of the barriers at unprecedented speed. According to rumors, the car Floersch could have hit the brakes, and as a result the car would have taken off the stands. In the question he also intervened Mick Schumacher, a fresh world class champion who explained: "I hope you're well, I have not seen the incident but I wish everyone a speedy recovery. " The Macau circuit is not new for such accidents, as there have been some spectacular and often fatal crashes in the past. Unanimously, it is considered one of the most dangerous wells in the world, particularly for motorcyclists and single-users discovered as F3. Below the video of what happened


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