Europeans in Sicily earthquake in Forza Italia: the mayor of Catania leaves the party


Except Pogliese leaves Berlusconi in controversy over the lists. The regional deputy coordinator, Basilio Catanoso, is also absent

Earthquake in Forza Italia in Sicily after the presentation of the list for Europeans which excludes the departure of Giovanni La Via and all the Catharan candidates: in a few minutes they announce farewell to the party both the mayor of Catania Salvo Pogliese and the deputy coordinator regional Basilio Catanoso. "I leave all the tasks in force
Italy – says Pogliese, who leads Italy's largest city with a mayor of Berlusconi – a party in which, along with many friends and administrators, we no longer recognize ourselves. Together we have taken on the common commitment to work to finally recover the values ​​of our identity and the culture of political law, which at Forza Italia has no more chance of being able to express itself. " "As I already understood at the beginning of March, when I announced that there were no conditions for my candidacy in Forza Italia in the European Championship – Catanoso arrives at the coast – today I repeat that my choice ended up being insightful: Fi is no longer able to express a line clear and safe policy, aligned with mine, our path and consistent with the political line that contributed in 2008 to the establishment of the LDP. "
The motive is the tug-of-war with the plenipotentiary of Forza Italia on the island, Gianfranco Miccichè. After a long negotiation, Miccichè in fact imposed the exclusion of La Via, the region's vice-president with the center-left quota New center-right for the latest regional and now back in Forza Italia: from the deposited list in the court of appeal they do Silvio Berlusconi, Senator for Palermo Gabriella Giammanco, Sardinia Salvatore Cicu, former Minister Saverio Romano, leader of the Ars Giuseppe Milazzo, Sardinia Gabriella Greco, Counselor Messina Dafne Musolino and the "daughter of the art "of Agrigento Giorgia Iacolino, whose father, Salvatore, was a congressman a decade ago. In the last minute list, the former Commissar of the Messina Fair, Urania Papatheu, that being Catania could have covered the void left in the city of Etna – the second largest of Italy among those administered by the center – of the rejection of the exit La Via, supported by the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and precisely by Pogliese.

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