Sunday , October 24 2021

EU officials condemn Italy: "Okay, infringement proceedings"


Iron arm between Brussels and Italy is by no means complete. In fact, it's just the beginning. On the one hand, there is EU Commission which has already started the procedure for a debt infringement procedure and on the other, there is the government with Salvini and Di Maio in the head who actually say "no" to all negotiations with Europe that can "cancel" a reform like that of Quota 100. In the middle of Tria and Conte trying to mediate to prevent negotiations with the EU intensify. But in this context, another passage should be underlined that materialized today and that risks further undermining the balances.

The Economic and Financial Committee of the Council, meeting in Brussels, adopted the opinion of Article 126 (4) TFEU on the European Commission report on the Italian public debt, according to which a Excessive deficits are associated with debt to Italy. of our country is "justified". In short, another blow to the dialogue between Brussels and Rome, which will likely find its breaking point on July 9 at Ecofin, when the debt-infringement process could be formalized. In this scenario, the (harsh) words of the outgoing EU Commission President should be recorded, Jean Claude Juncker: "Thanks to the flexibility introduced by the Juncker Commission, Italy was able to spend 30 billion more than the Stability and Growth Pact. This does not prevent the Italians from saying that Europe is not helping the economy or the refugee crisis"Finally Juncker himself sank the blow:"Italy risks an excessive deficit procedure for years if it does not take the necessary steps to avoid this decision by the Commission and Ecofin in the coming weeks"Finally, try to get to the government:" I would like to avoid it, but this will depend on the commitments that the Italian government will take. "In short, the confrontation continues. It will last a long time …

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