Endgame, a magazine puts the heroes on the cover … but there is a hilarious error!


So far there are only a few days left in Avengers: End of the Game, the new brothers cinecomic Russian which will finally reveal the fate of the heroes ofUCM and the result of his confrontation with Thanos. Therefore, it is inevitable that all newspapers, TV and themed sites do nothing but talk about this great event. Too bad, however, that someone in doing so totally confused two movie heroes wonderful, causing a rain of memes and countless fan jokes.

This is a magazine called Hollywood Spotlight Magazine, who put the team of heroes on the cover to announce his "The best guide for the avengers". But if the premises are those seen on the cover, well, we dare not imagine how this imaginary guide can be trusted! If you look well, you will notice that it is Spider-Man used by the magazine is not at all the Tom Holland, or the Pedro of the UCM, but the version interpreted by Tobey Maguire!

Specifically, the image comes from Spider-Man 2 2004, and was immediately shared by the Reddit account. Marvel Studios, where the funny mistake that in a few hours made the rounds of the web is pointed out. Of course, an ad not exactly positive, but still free advertising!


Avengers: End of the GameWe remind you that you will arrive at the Italian theaters on April 24.



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