Electricity and gas bills, cuts have come since April 1: how much will you save


Good news for the Italians. From the first of April comes a decisive electricity and gas tariff cuts. As calculated by Arera, the authority for energy and environment, after the peaks reached in 2018 for protected customers, as already partially registered in the first three months of 2019, in the second quarter of the year there will be a fall in light bills by 8.5 % and gas at 9.9%. A decline linked to the decline of raw materials and a particularly mild winter, but which nevertheless incorporates an increase in so-called system rates.

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Net of this, the effects on families, for Arera, will still be significant: for electricity, typical family expenses between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 will be 565 euros. In the same period, the cost of the gas bill will be around € 1,157. "A reduction in the account is always welcomed, but it is necessary to monitor its causes and dynamics with the same attention that would have been reserved otherwise – warns the president of the Authority, Stefano Besseghini – The first quarter gave us a There is no very severe conditions of winter and gas purchase aligned between Europe and the Asian countries that contributed to the wholesale price containment, it is now a matter of monitoring the system to allow the maximum transfer of possible benefits to the final consumer. "


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