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Elections in Sicily, 5 ballots in 7: M5S below, the League advances (but not alone)

Budgets sent back to ballots in two weeks in the mini-test of the Sicilian election. He voted for the administrative offices in 34 municipalities, half a million voters called to the polls, low participation (58, 42%), falling in almost all centers where people voted with some exceptions as in Gela. Ballottaggi in Caltanissetta, Gela, Castelvetrano, Mazara del Vallo and Monreale. Victory in the first round in Bagheria and Aci Castello in the area of ​​Catania. This is the structure of the vote, which saw the League grow, but perhaps not as expected; The truth is that Salvini's party goes to the polls in Gela and Mazara del Vallo. The 5-Star Movement, which loses the mayors at Gela and Bagheria, is still in the second round at Caltanissetta and Castelvetrano.

Naked at slow pace, but in Caltanissetta, the only capital of the province in which it was voted, until now it is clear that May 12 will be a challenge between center-right candidate Michele Giarratana, in favor, with about 37% of the consents; It distanced the direct competitor, at 20, Roberto Gambino of the 5 Stars, while center-left candidate Salvatore Messana, referring to the Pd who did not show a symbol, stopped for 18. Off the ballot, the candidate of the League, Oscar Aiello, however has a significant 12%. also Ice look at the ballot: ahead Cristoforo Greco with a list with Pd and Forza Italia and some civic, which has around 36%; at 30 years the candidate of the League, UDC and the brothers of Italy Giuseppe Spata. They are the opponents: out of the pentastellato Simone Morgana, who in the last round had its mayor elected, but this time with 15% to the rear; behind also the candidate of some civic lists, Maurizio Malfa with 17.

Interesting challenge in Castelvetrano, a municipality for the Mafia. Facing Calogero Martire, ahead of two civic lists, with 29%, and Enzo Alfano, of the M5, with about 28%. The Democratic Party man, Pasquale Calamia, just over 17; of the League, Antonino Giaramita, on the 7th. In Mazara del Vallo the challenge will be renewed between Salvatore Quinci, head of civic lists, with about 33%, and Giorgio Randazzo, supported by Liga and civic, to the 21 years. Ballottaggio civiche Monreale Alberto Arcidiacono, with 23.5%, and Piero Capizzi, 22 years old (outside Salvino Caputo of Forza Italia and the candidate of the Giuseppe Romanotto League). THE Bagheria makes in the first round Filippo Tripoli, supported by the center-left, with about 45% of the votes; around 31 Giacinto Di Stefano of Forza Italia and Lega, the 5 Star Romina Aiello only in 9. Elected the mayor of Aci Castello, in the Catania area: Carmelo Scadurra, supported by Pd and civic lists, prevailed with 53.74% over center-right candidate Ignazia Carbone, standing at 30.88, and M5S Antonio Bonaccorso with 15.38 .

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