Eggs, there is connection with heart attack and stroke. "Eating more than one a day increases the risks"


Eggs, there is connection with heart attack and stroke.

NEW YORK – Eat more than one egg increases the risk of heart attack or stroke because they are full of cholesterol. A new 31-year study of 30,000 American adults reported that those who consumed 1.5 extra-large eggs per day had a 17% increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Professor Katherine Tucker of the University of Massachusetts Lowell said: "Even for people on diets healthy, harmful effect of increased egg and cholesterol intake has been constant. " He added that although the eggs contains beneficial nutrients "advises people to avoid eating omelets of three eggs every day".

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"Nutrition is all about moderation and balance, this is a strong study because modeling adapts to factors such as diet quality"Eggs, especially the yolk, as reported by The Sun, are a major source of dietary cholesterol – a large 50 g egg contains about 186 mg of cholesterol.

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