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MILAN РWith an operation built "at home", Edison rises in the ranking and becomes number two in the wind energy sector in Italy. On the day the Milan concessionaire's board promotes Nicola Monti, former head of the Research and Production division, as managing director, Edison and its French parent Edf are launching an "articulated industrial operation" in the renewable energy sector. In practice, Edison receives from Edf Renouvelables 265 megawatts of wind capacity and 77 of photovoltaic energy. These are assets that the renewable energy division of Electricité de France has acquired in recent years in our country.

We are talking about an operation – with consultancy from Societe Generale – which has a value of 173 million euros, which represents, on the one hand, a simplification of Edf's activities in Italy and, on the other hand, projects Edison on the podium of green energy . Particularly in wind power, thus positioning itself behind the Erg group, the Genoese company transformed by the Garrone family from one of the leaders in the refining of hydrocarbons to a company active only in green energy. But it exceeds Enel Green Power, controlled by the old monopoly.

Edison tried to win over Alerion, a small but well-positioned wind farm operator. But after a battle of offers and increases, the shareholders' meeting entrusted (for now) control of the company to the company of Alto Adige Fri-el. With the transfer of parent plants, Edison reaches its goal of reaching about one thousand megawatts of installed power in green energy (975, to be precise). But above all, it lays the groundwork for a much more ambitious goal and this time it will have to achieve with its own strength: doubling energy production from renewable sources by 20 to 40% by 2030. In the coming years there will be opportunities, particularly in photovoltaic, where the sector is very fragmented and still sees the presence of small operators.

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