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«Don't listen to those pieces of m ** de»

X Factor 2019, Mika moves everyone and says to the judges: «Do not listen to these pieces of m ** a». Mika is the first super guest on XF13 Live that we follow live in The singer, after performing at the end of the first race, rushed to hug Alessandro Cattelan.

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Always spectacular performance for Mika, former judge and first guest of the Live in X Factor 2019. In Tiny Love's notes, he brought to the stage the stories of discriminated people. In the end, he literally jumped on his great friend Alessandro Cattelan, reminding his former classmates: Morgan, Elio and the tense stories stinky. But when Cattelan naively asks the new judges for advice, Mika shifts them all and says:Don't listen to these pieces of m ** da inside your orchid, throw these things and follow your heart». Frost in the studio, Cattelan goes further, but what did he mean? It turned out that the authors of the program suggest to judges what to say?

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