Saturday , January 23 2021

Domenica In, Venier cried river, Giorgio Panariello never saw it on TV

This time on TV Panariello does not laugh. She cries. Open the heart. It is moved when you rewind the memory tape. "They told me that coming to you meant a few tears," she tells Venier.

The Tuscan comedian traces his life by recounting the difficulties of childhood. Panariello was abandoned at birth and raised by his grandparents, it is likely that his natural father never knew of his existence. "My father does not know, because with my success relatives emerged as mushrooms too, so I think if he knew, would appear," says Panariello.

But the tears of the river in "Domenica in" fall when the clip of the monologue that Giorgio dedicates to the ever-known father is transmitted. "Oh yes, you think that having tried, I was a little thrilled to do it there … I figured I'd have to get excited here today," he tells Venier. Who says "I wanted to let it all go …". He replies, "You did very well, I hoped, because cutting out these monologues, you know … seeing you from the outside was a good blow." So hug. Endless. And the emotion.

from Francesco Fredella

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