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May 11 is a national headache day: according to the WHO, this pathology causes the greatest disability in the age group between 20 and 50 years

O half of adults, at least once a year, suffer from headache. Or rather, headache. The data are estimated from theWorld Health Organization, which emphasizes how between 18 and 65 years old to percentage grow up up to 75% and among these, more than 30% suffer from migraine, one of the three main forms of primary headaches.

The young population is also affected

Headache it does not save even the youngest: it is estimated that over the 40% of boys being hit by Headache it is 10 children under 100 to suffer from migraine (a type of headache). And besides being painful, the headache is also very incapacitating: WHO experts have identified the disorder that causes the greatest disability in the 20-50 age group.

The national day

However, to prevent this disease from becoming disabling, there are care that works. And it is precisely on these that theMay 11, 2019 the 11th National Headache Day, which sees for the first time the three scientific societies of reference: the Italian Neurological Association for Research on Headache, the Italian Society of Neurology and the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches.

Classification of headaches

There are two categories in which headaches are divided: primaryThat is disorders in their own right not related to other diseases and are the most frequent, and secondary, that depend on other pathologies in place in our body. In the first case, we are talking about migraine, tension headache and cluster headache, while in the second case headache caused by cranial and / or cervical trauma, cerebrovascular disorders (such as stroke) or non-vascular diseases of the skull (such as tumors) . hypotension, hypertension, or hypotension). O Headachein short they are not all alike: recognize the symptoms and find out what you have.

It is often not considered a disease

"In Italy, themigraine it affects 6 million people, or 12% of the population – he says Elio Clemente AgostoniPresident ANIRCEF – But public opinion and in part doctors have never acquired the concept of migraine disease, while the current scientific scenario shows that it is a neurological pathology in which genetic, biological and environmental aspects converge. Migraine is characterized by cephalic pain days alternating with days with residual symptoms that can not be positively modified by therapy. Recently they were settings specific and selective care to prevention to demonstrate once again that migraine is a real disease'.

What foods can cause migraine?

Migraine is above all a woman

Migraine is characterized by a moderate to severe pain button that is often located on the half of the head and face. The patient does not perform any of the daily activities because each action aggravates pain and, in the case of migraine with aura, the attacks are preceded by neurological disorders, such as, for example, visual symptoms. The crisis usually occurs along with other disorders, such as vomit and light intolerance what's up sounds and can last from a few hours to 2-3 days. Two thirds of patients with migraine are women. Here's how to recognize migraine with or without aura.

Tension Headache

Tension-type headache, on the other hand, presents mild to moderate intensity, of the gravitational or restrictive type (classic circle in the head) of the duration of a few minutes, hours or even some days, not aggravated by usual physical activities and not associatedusually nausea or vomiting. It is the most frequent form of headache with a prevalence of about 80%. Factors of genetic predisposition may have some influence on the development of headaches caused by tension as well as environmental factors, including stress, fatigue, poor posture or reduced hours of sleep.

The headache in salvos

Finally, cluster headache causes shorter painful attacks (1-3 hours) very intense and excruciating they follow one or more times a day for a period of time of approx. two months (cluster), alternating with periods without pain. L & # 39;affected area it is eye and, unlike the other two forms, the cluster headache reaches mainly men. In general, episodes are repeated cyclically with a seasonal or seasonal frequency one and two periods per year.

The goal is to prevent it from becoming chronic

«As much as possible Causes of headache are numerous and different – says Gianluigi Mancardi, president of SIN – there will also be several therapeutic strategies to be implemented in each individual case. one correct diagnosis by a specialist Therefore, it assumes crucial relevance since it is of fundamental importance treat disease promptly in a personalized way, also for prevent chronic diseases and drug abuse. Initiatives such as Headache Day serve to inform the patient and make them aware of the actions to be taken to combat the disease and not be crushed. "

Open day until May 17, 2019

The national initiative until May 17 the organization of Open day in the main offices specialized centers throughout the national territory, where citizens can get to know the experts to receive information about what to do at the beginning of a headache, about what I am main diagnostic tools today is the real possibility of treatment which in recent years have been developed.

"The contribution of basic and clinical researchers, including Italian in particular," comments Pierangelo GeppettiPresident of SISC – was the result of a difficult journey of 30 years, but that led to the identification of small molecules (classical drugs) that block the receptor for CGRP and di monoclonal antibodies this CGRP block or its receiver. These drugs showed effectiveness and safety not only in the acute treatment of the attack, but also in the prophylaxis of migraine. O monoclonal antibodies are results effective even in the most severe forms such as chronic migraine. So if researchers and clinicians can be pleased to discover the mechanism by which migraine pain is generated, the more satisfied they are the patients who finally have a specific, effective and safe treatment available. "

Discover the initiatives

The calendar of initiatives for National Headache Day will be available on scientific society websites in Anircef ( ever ( and SICS (

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