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Disney +, is the streaming platform worth it? Costs, catalog risk and piracy

November 16, 2019 – 15:24

Rat-eared service debuted two days ago in the US, but we'll have to wait. Let's take a look at the situation

in Marina Pierri

Disney + will arrive in most of Europe (including Italy) on March 31st; in Holland, therefore, arrived as in the United States and Canada last November 12. In less than two weeks, global users, or nearly so, tried not one but two new streaming services: in addition to the new mouse-eared hub, in fact, the headlights on stage also lit up for the Apple TV + whose launch. planetarium occurred on November 1st. In common, the two platforms have very little, if not a few problems that have linked the creation of their platforms and a very competitive entry price (4.99 euros per month for Apple, 6.99 euros per month for Disney +). In fact, Apple points to very few gradually placed original content and a model that remains above all connected to the rental network of a dozen free titles (which will grow); Burbank is strong, on the other hand, above all its vault or historical content, to which are added some owl products, such as Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian, or Lilli's remake and Vagabond. impressive enough to remember that those who grew up in the eighties and nineties had to shell out significant amounts to own parts of the Disney catalog. VCRs and DVDs of this or that canon movie – think, for example, Alice in Wonderland or Dumbo – over the years are available for limited periods and at high prices, so Disney + seems like a great savings opportunity, especially for larger. To date, the streaming service consists of about five hundred movies and 7,500 episodes (to measure Netflix has nearly six thousand different titles in the US). Turn your head around with the idea of ​​having many of our little boy dreams at hand for a few euros and apparently in a personalized package for the subscriber with high quality 4K vision.

November 16, 2019 | 15:24


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